Awful Outfits Can Even Make The Sexiest Male Stars Look Bad, Here’s Proof

Although handsome male celebrities can make even the most simple clothes look amazing, some outfits are very questionable.  So questionable that they can even make the most attractive men “less handsome.” Won Bin Lee Jung Jae Jung Woo Sung So Ji Sub Lee Jong Suk 2PM Taecyeon Kang Dong Wan Lee Joon Ki Super Junior Eunhyuk Actually… […]

10+ K-Pop Idols Who Confirm That Body Proportions Are More Important Than Height

Some idols in the industry have such amazing proportions that they look quite a bit taller than they actually are.  Even if they may just be average height or even shorter, some idols are blessed with amazing proportions that make them look like they are taller than they are. Although there are many idols that […]

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