Plastic Surgeons Claim These 21 Idols’ Faces Are Mathematically PERFECT

According to specialists, the human face can be geometrically mapped, and the aesthetic measurement of ones face is directly correlated with the famous ‘golden ratio’ or ‘Fibonacci’s sequence’ (1.618). Plastic surgeons also take this into account when performing operations. Specialists have mapped out idols’ faces and found that the facial structure of these 21 idols especially […]

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These Are The 10 Most Handsome Korean Celebrities, According To Science

The science is in: a good looking man is more than his good looks. According to specialists, the human face’s aesthetics can be measured by its correlation with the “Golden Ratio”, aka Fibonacci’s Sequence. Quick to adapt, plastic surgeons took this idea into account for their patients. They have mapped out faces of actors and idols […]


One Of Korea’s Most Handsome Actors Reveals His Father Is Even Better Looking

According to actor Song Seung Hun, he’s not even the most handsome member of his family.  Song Seung Hun is known throughout Korea as one of the entertainment industry’s top visuals. But during an interview, he claimed that his looks actually pale in comparison to his father.  In fact, he explained that people who’ve seen […]

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