Viewers question “We Got Married” couple Henry and Yewon after controversy

Viewers of We Got Married have been questioning the Henry and Yewon couple and whether or not they will continue to be aired despite Yewon’s controversy. 

Staff have remained silent on the controversy and whether or not the couples episodes will continue to be aired with no edits.

In the latest episode, which aired on April 4th, Yewon was seen fully on the show with her on-screen husband with absolutely no edits, drawing a shocked response from viewers regarding the PD’s decision. Though netizens have called for Yewon to be cast off the show following the leaked video of Yewon’s response to Lee Tae Im as well as Star Empire’s unsatisfactory statements, the PD has left the recording untouched. As a result, many negative comments have been posted on community portals such as Naver or Nate Pann.

The most recent episode showed a romantic date between the two, as Henry sang for her, helped feed her under a romantic décor, and even kissed her on the lips, surprising everyone on set including Yewon.

Henry further expressed his sincerity by asking her to call him “oppa” despite the mere two-month difference. He was also quoted during an interview with the staff saying, “Since I wanted to show a manlier image to Yewon, I asked her [to call me ‘oppa’],” adding, “When she calls me ‘oppa,’ I feel like I will come off as a stronger and manlier person.”

What do you think of the PD’s decision to leave the entire episode unedited?


Source: TV Report

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