VIXX’s Ravi confirmed to join “Show Me The Money 4”

VIXX’s main rapper Ravi is reported to have confirmed his appearance on the upcoming new season of Mnet’s rap show Show Me The Money 4.

After a long time of consideration, Ravi will be a contestant on Show Me The Money 4 and is currently in preparations for his first filming for the show today.

The idol member has shown potential as a talented composer and music producer producing songs such as “Memory,” “Secret Night,” and “What U Waiting For”. He showed his competitive side when he released a diss track in response to iKON’s Bobby.

Other contenders who will make appearances on the show include Topp Dogg’s Kidoh and Yano, EvoL’s JucyWINNER’s Song Mino, MONSTA X’s JooheonMADTOWN’s Buffy, Hello VenusLime, SPEED’s TaewoonZPZG, PHANTOM’s Hanhae, CL’s rap mentor P-Type, underground rapper Microdot, Seo Chul Goo, Andup, Black Nut, Basick, and InnoVator. The panelists include Jinusean, Tablo, Verbal Jint, San E, Jay Park, Loco, and Block B’s Zico.

In related news, Show Me The Money almost met with a crisis as it was deemed unfit for broadcast alongside Unpretty Rapstar, but Mnet stated that they are still intending to go ahead with airing of the two programs.

Show Me The Money 4 is expected to air in June.

Source: mydaily