Here Is A Look At All The Winners From The 11th Gaon Chart Music Awards

Two artists swept up numerous awards!

BTS’s Jungkook Wowed Fans With His Boxing, But Now V Wants A Try

J-Hope tried to be the voice of reason!

BTS’s V Is Back “Flirting” With Bestie Choi Woo Shik On Instagram, And All Because Of “Our Beloved Summer”

V has earned the title of “flirting King!”

Actress Kang Ye Won’s Lies About Her Age Gets Spotlighted After “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A’s Controversy

She lied about her age.

BTS J-Hope’s Lost Rings Have Been Found…In Beverly Hills 

So, THAT’s where they went!

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MAMAMOO’s Solar And Moonbyul Bicker Over How Moonbyul Invites Herself Over To Hang Out With Solar’s Family Too Much — Without Solar

“I have great chemistry with your mom” — Moonbyul

2PM’s Junho Is So Hot He Tempted Actress Han Ga In To Almost Leave Her Child At Home For Him

We feel you, sis.

Here’s What Filming The Intimate Bath Scene In “The Red Sleeve” With 2PM’s Junho Was Like, According To Lee Se Young

“He had to take his clothes off when his body was slightly wet.”

BTS’s “Taekook” Boxing Match — Here’s How It Will Go Down, According To ARMY

V: *punches in tiny* Jungkook: *allows it*

NCT’s Jaehyun Gains Attention With His Flawless Visuals At The “11th Gaon Chart Music Awards”

This genre of Jaehyun will go down in history.

NCT’s Mark Lee Is Getting His Long-Awaited Solo Debut — And NCTzens Are Definitely Not Okay

This could not be more well-deserved.

GOT7’s Jay B Interviewed Himself As Def., And It Was As Hilarious As It Sounds

There was a special guest appearance by Lim Jaebeom too!😂

Young & Rich: Here’s How Much Money BTS Is Making From Commercials

They’re making bank. Big time.

BTS’s J-Hope Just Surprised Jin With A Very Late Christmas Gift And Left Him Shocked

The gift is BIG!

How “Our Beloved Summer” Was Able To Show The Perfect Confession Scene Even Without Using Words

It was the sweetest part, hands down.

GOT7’s BamBam Accidentally Mispronounced Something During A Live Broadcast And Immediately Apologized For What He Said

He gave it a completely different meaning! 😂

5 Ways BTS’s Aquarius King J-Hope Lives Up To The Name

An Aquarius king indeed.

SF9’s Chani And Hwiyoung Booked On Charges Of Violating Social Distancing Rules

They were caught at a bar hours after bars are forced to close.

BLACKPINK Is Working “Really,Really” Hard On An OT4 Comeback, According To Jennie

The wait for new BLACKPINK music is almost over!

Gong Yoo’s Instagram Feed Gets Roasted In A Perfect “Expectation Vs. Reality”—By The Actor Himself

We don’t think you understand, we’re obsessed.

All Of BTS’s Dogs Have Finally Made Their Instagram Debut

ARMY had just been waiting for Mickey.

Twitter Has Released The Official 20 Most-Tweeted About K-Pop Artists Globally In 2021

A fourth-generation group ranked at #3!

GOT7’s BamBam Tried To Explain Himself To Youngjae After Spoiling The Group’s Comeback

Youngjae was panicking!

Top Actress Ko So Young Proves She’s A Total ARMY…By Showing Off Her Mute Boston Bag Made By BTS’s V

We’re jealous.