Here Are 10 Disbanded Groups That Fans Desperately Want Back

Which group do you miss the most?

It’s always heartbreaking to have to deal with a group’s disbandment. No matter how long ago a group may have disbanded, there will always be fans lamenting and hoping for their return, often sharing these sentiments on social media platforms. In no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 groups that have officially disbanded which fans on social media desperately want to see make a comeback.

1. Myteen

Myteen debuted in 2017, but unfortunately only had the chance to have one comeback before disbanding. Two of the members, Kookheon and Yuvin, were participants in Produce X 101.

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The group disbanded in 2019, only two years after their debut, but many dedicated fans mentioned them as a group they’d like to see reunite.


PRISTIN debuted in 2017 under Pledis Entertainment and disbanded in 2019, after only 3 of the 10 members renewed their contracts with the company.

To this day, fans feel like their disbandment was unfair and their decline in popularity was due to their company’s poor management.

3. Boyfriend

Boyfriend were Starship Entertainment‘s first boy-group, formed in 2011. They were also the first K-Pop group to have identical twins as members!

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Unfortunately, Boyfriend’s popularity declined after their company chose to focus on promoting them in Japan, and they disbanded in 2019.

4. I.O.I

I.O.I were formed after the first season of Produce 101 in 2016, and disbanded when their contract expired in late January 2017. Most of the members have since re-debuted in new groups, such as Weki Meki and Cosmic Girls, or as solo artists, such as Somi and Chung Ha.

I.O.I were supposed to have a reunion in late 2019, which was then cancelled following Mnet‘s vote manipulation scandal.

5. B.A.P

B.A.P’s debut in 2012 was considered “one of [the] year’s most anticipated debuts” by MTV Korea, which also praised them for being versatile and having potential to live up to very high standards. Unfortunately, their company, TS Entertainment, have been blamed for not taking care of them properly and causing the group’s downfall.

Members Yongguk and Zelo left the group after the expiration of their contracts in 2018, and the remaining four left in 2019.


The “queens of summer” SISTAR were formed in 2010 as Starship Entertainment’s first K-Pop group. They were known for their fun summer songs, and to this day are one of the five Korean artists to ever have over 9 number one singles on the Gaon Digital Chart.

| Starship Entertainment

The group disbanded in 2017, and while all of the members have since been pursuing their solo careers, earlier this year member Dasom mentioned that they are considering a reunion!

7. X1

X1’s career, although highly anticipated, was unfortunately short-lived. They were formed in 2019 through Produce X 101, and disbanded roughly 5 months later In January 2020 due to the Mnet vote manipulation scandal.

On a more positive note, a majority of the members are still active in the music scene as either solo artists or in boy groups.

8. 4Minute

4Minute were formed in 2009 and won several major awards during the span of their career. However, when their contract ended in 2016, HyunA was the only member to renew with CUBE Entertainment. It is said that their company did not give them the option to continue as a group and they were not able to consider future plans.

| CUBE Entertainment

In 2019, member Sohyun revealed that the members still kept in touch and were considering a reunion, but there has not been any updates since then.

9. Wanna One

Wanna One, like I.O.I, was a temporary group, formed after the second season of Produce 101 in 2017. Their contract ended in late 2018, although their final concerts were held in January 2019.

All of the former members have since re-debuted, most of them as solo artists but some in groups such as AB6IX and CIX, while Minhyun returned to his former group N’UEST.

10. 2NE1

2NE1 were undeniably one of the most iconic K-Pop girl groups. Having formed in 2009 under YG Entertainment, they had a long and successful career, before disbanding in 2016.

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All four of the members are currently pursuing solo projects. However, earlier this year member Minzy hinted at a possible reunion.

BONUS: Triple H

Triple H were a co-ed group under CUBE Entertainment, formed in 2017 and made up of HyunA, PENTAGON‘s Hui and former member DAWN.

(left to right) DAWN, HyunA and Hui. | Instagram/@hyunah_aa

Although there was no official announcement stating Triple H’s disbandment, HyunA and DAWN halted promotions and left the company in 2018, leaving Hui as the only remaining member.

Maybe one day we’ll see all these groups again, but for now we’ll remember them fondly.

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