10 K-Pop News Headlines That Would Destroy The Internet

Boy, are we hopeful.

None of these have happened… yet. But boy, are we hoping and hoping. Any news like this could easily break the internet — and yes, we’d bend over backwards to see some of these actually come true. Imagine what excellent tea would be spilt! Here are 10 K-Pop news headlines that fans all over the world want to see on the main page, as early as tomorrow.

1. Jessica To Re-Join Girls’ Generation

Remember the good old nine-membered days of Girls’ Generation? If only Jessica decided to return and the members agreed to reunite and come back to promote as the OT9 — that next album would shoot K-Pop fans’ anticipation through the ozone layer.

2. CL Revels How & Why YG Sabotaged Her Solo Career

We know there’s a massive amount of tea brewing here. We’re patiently waiting for queen CL to spill it when she wants. When she does drain that big pot of tea though, we’re going to be all ears. What happened? Why did 2NE1 have to end? What did those Instagram comments actually mean? We’re ready.

3. SM Entertainment Takes Over YG’s Contract With BLACKPINK

One of the most significant complaints that BLACKPINK fans have with YG Entertainment is that the agency does not produce them as often as the fans would like. With that said, should SM Entertainment — or any other agency for that matter — take over the contract with BLACKPINK and helped them drop a track every other month… That’d be bliss.

4. Jay Park Dishes What Actually Went Down Between Him And JYPE

Keep in mind when Jay Park “got kicked out” of 2PM for his past MySpace comments, it broke the internet. He had loyal 2PM fans screaming 7-1=0. And while these agonized fans got a soft version of what happened between him and JYP Entertainment, they never stopped wishing to hear the raw, uncensored version — if it exists.

5. TVXQ To Put The Past Behind Them And Returns As OT5

Unfortunately, with member Park Yoochun‘s most shocking drug scandal — drugs being one of those pits from which stars never quite make a return, this headline is the least likely to come true. But fans who’ve lived to see the glory of the second generation K-Pop can’t help but miss what a sensation TVXQ OT5 had been.

6. HyunA And Dawn To Tie The Knot

This, on the other hand, is one of those high potential kind of headlines for which K-Pop fans are keeping their fingers crossed. As HyunA and Dawn are one of the first idol couples to admit and be completely open with their romantic relationship, fans hope they stay together forever and prove that true love — even in the battlefield that is K-Pop — exists.

7. South Korea To Waive Military Duties For Male Idols

Currently, South Korea requires all men between the ages of 16 and 37 to serve a mandatory 18-21 months of military duty. This includes K-Pop boy group members. Some, like INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, have completed their services already, while some, like all of BTS, have yet to enlist. If only, for a miraculous reason, South Korea decided to waive this period of unsolicited, unwanted goodbye… it would make stanning boy groups a lot easier!

8. All Produce 101 Series Groups Sign Permanent Contracts

Let’s admit it. Despite all the controversies related to the actual production of these shows, Produce 101 seasons brought us four amazing idol groups. I.O.I, Wanna One, IZ*ONE, and X1 have all been like Christmas gifts. Imagine how happy it would make the internet if, one day, K-Pop wholesomely decided to bring these groups back and offered permanent contracts.

9. f(x) To Drop A Surprise New Album Next Week

f(x)‘s Luna has left fans on a positive note when she firmly stated that her departure from SM Entertainment does not mean the group is disbanding. With that said, fans continue to look forward to any sort of a comeback from f(x) as a whole. So say, if they were to announce a surprise new album dropping next week… would you survive that news?

10. BTS And EXO To Join Forces As New Group

This is prime breaking news material right here, ARMYs and EXO-Ls would agree. Not only would that headline break the internet because it would mean two of the leading K-Pop boy groups coming together to reach that unconquerable superstar status — but it would also cause months… maybe years of talk over how that legendary group came to be. Hey, if one can hope… hope for the weirdest, right?