10 Reasons Why CL Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Here’s why CL is K-Pop’s “baddest female”.

CL isn’t called the “baddest female” in K-Pop for nothing. Here are 10 reasons why this queen truly is a force to be reckoned with!


1. Like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes

CL made her debut as 2NE1‘s leader in 2009. Despite their massive popularity, 2NE1 went on an indefinite hiatus before officially disbanding in 2016. From here, CL went on to make her solo and US debuts, but she faced many obstacles from 2016 until today.


CL could have given up, but she persevered. Now she’s back and better than ever! On November 8, 2019, CL parted ways with YG Entertainment and finally released her long-awaited album, In The Name Of Love, a month later.


2. She isn’t afraid to be herself

CL has never been afraid to say, sing, wear, dance, look, or behave the way she wants to. She doesn’t let norms or trends dictate what she, or her music, should be like.

Who are you to judge me?

You’re funny 

Mind your own business

— CL, “I Quit +180327+” lyrics


3. She is fiercely independent

Following your own path is never easy, especially when you’re doing it alone. With the release of In The Name Of Love, CL has proved to the world that she will continue to make music, for herself and for her fans, on her own terms.

Why you think people call me queen?

You don’t get it, do you?

Please stop with your sorry ass quiz

None of your biz now

Myself finally found

Walking my own way, that’s my style

— CL, “I Quit +180327+” lyrics


4. She spits rhymes like dragons breathe fire

If you’re looking for a fearsome rap star, look no further. Nobody wants to be burnt to a crisp by a CL diss track!


5. She can slay in 4 languages

Bilingual is nice, trilingual is great, but CL can speak Korean, Japanese, English, and French. Talk about a quadruple threat!


6. She puts on a killer show. Every. Single. Time.

Two words: 2015 MAMA. CL showed everybody what it means to be the “baddest female” when she performed her solo song “Hello Bitches”, followed by “Fire” with 2NE1.


7. Her vocals will give you chills

CL is well known for her rapping, but she has killer vocals to match. This cover of Alicia Keys‘ hit song “Unthinkable” is heavenly!

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8. She is a ride or die kind of friend

10 years later, CL is still loving and cheering on her former members.


The MV for “+REWIND170205+” is a scrapbook of memories with many of her close friends, including BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.


9. Haters and shaders should think twice about dragging her

CL once posted a mysterious Instagram post with the caption that read, #icouldmakeahaterfamousyah. Some people believe that the post was in response to the way model Kim Jin Kyung reacted to designer Hwang Jae Geun telling her she looked like CL.

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10. She has legions of loyal fans who have stayed by her side for a decade

Popularity and fame? That comes and goes, but true fans stick by their idols for life. Blackjacks have been with CL (and all the 2NE1 members) through thick and thin, from debut to disbandment, and beyond. They have supported CL through it all, and they’re thrilled to have her back!