15+ Times Hyun Bin Was Cuter Than He Had Any Right To Be

You’ll swoon at #9.

Hyun Bin looks like a tough guy and acts like one. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how relatable he is because of his notable villain or anti-hero roles.

In reality, the actor is known for being playful and cute. Check out some adorable instances below!

1. When he pouted

That lazy capitalist heart!

2. When Seri flustered him

How do you act when your crush is angry at you? Flustered.

3. When he wobbled

He wasn’t allowed to cross the line.

4. When he first saw Seri

He liked her since the start. That smile in Episode 1’s epilogue just proves it.

5. When he received compliments

In The Swoon‘s compliment challenge, Hyun Bin couldn’t help but blush at the words Son Ye Jin said to him.

6. When he grinned

That grin and arm gesture were the complete opposite of his serious roles.

7. When he winked

His smile can light up any room.

8. When he pointed with his head

That little head tilt was the definition of adorable.

9. When he stared lovingly

Imagine Hyun Bin looking at you like that.

10. When he was sweet with Seri

Couple of the year alert!

11. When he lost the game

Games are his favorite.

12. When he nodded

Cutest nod award goes to good boy Hyun Bin.

13. When Captain Ri brought flowers

He gave the flowers to Seri in the epilogue of Crash Landing On You.

14. When his dimple came out

Another award for him? Best dimples.

15. When he showed off his scars

Like a kid needing acknowledgment, Captain Ri fed off Seri’s praise about his bravery.

16. When he stared at Son Ye Jin

The Negotiation press conference showed off their friendship.

17. He’s the cutest guy alive

What can we say? It’s true.

18. Right?