20+ Of The Funniest BTS “He’s A 10 But” Memes

These are all too real.

The “He/She’s a 10 but…” meme has been going viral lately, with people listing quirky habits about a person they would otherwise rate a 10.

Of course, BTS is always more than a 10 in ARMY’s book, but it didn’t stop fans from light-heartedly joining in on the trend with some hilarious memes.

(Top row, from left to right) BTS’s Suga, Jungkook, and J-Hope (Bottom row, from left to right) RM, Jin, Jimin, and V

Here are 20+ of the funniest “He’s a 10 but” memes about BTS.


1. Vegetables are his worst enemy

It’s hard to forget the time RM attempted to cut a carrot vertically.

2. He lives life on the edge

Before accidentally blowing out his candles while spinning in his chair, RM precariously placed the cake on the chair’s thin arm.

3. He can’t keep a secret

RM’s “betraying” everyone from Jungkook to TXT‘s Taehyun in the below compilation.


4. Everyone else is an 8

Jin knows his worth.

5. Has interesting eating habits

He’s known for taking abnormally large bites of food.

6. His alpaca comes first

Alpaca over everything else.


7. “Yoongi Marry Me”

It’s almost impossible for Suga not to be proposed to by fans on his posts and during BTS’s live broadcasts.

8. He claims Texas is known for its tofu

Suga jokingly claimed that he was eating tofu when in reality it was cheesecake.

9. He locked himself out of his own studio

RM once hilariously exposed Suga for getting locked out of his own studio for four days.


10. He’s actually a 13

J-Hope was sweetly cheering on a fan who had graduated during one of his live broadcasts. The following comment he read was from a fan stating they were unemployed; after a brief pause, J-Hope congratulated them too.

11. He laughs with his whole body

This quality should make him a 30.

12. He plays the recorder with his nose

It’s unique but impressive.


13. Doesn’t know how to use a chair

Jimin manages to fall off of his chair on a regular basis.

14. J-Hope is his number one

The bond between J-Hope and Jimin is for life.

15. He’s flawless

He’s a 10+, no buts.


16. He deletes his music

V and Jungkook are guilty of doing this, but they just want to make sure they release their best work for ARMYs.

17. Still not over the deleting

Still waiting for the songs to be released.

18. He said ARMY isn’t funny

V jokingly told fans on Weverse that ARMYs aren’t funny. This whole thread says otherwise.


19. He wears toe socks

Jungkook is well aware of the “controversy” over his socks.

20. The mattresses

Jungkook had fans shook when Jin revealed the group’s maknae has at least eight mattresses in his home. Jungkook has since addressed the “mattress allegations.”

21. He’s living in his own world

Jungkook’s adorable personality has some fans convinced he’s living his first life.

Bonus: Bang PD

Source: Twitter