4 Korean Celebrities Who Personally Forgave People Who Committed Vile Acts Against Them

Were some of these people too forgiving?

There are plenty of Korean celebrities who have had to deal with some heartbreaking situations. However, some celebrities decided to be quite forgiving towards certain people who hurt them. Here’s a list of some Korean celebrities who personally forgave people who committed some vile acts against them.

1. Naeun (Apink)

In 2019, Naeun decided to take action against a hater who had been constantly harassing her with malicious comments for many years.

Apink members have suffered years of harassment from these haters. So the agency and the law firm were set on investigating the case thoroughly. The authorities were helpful in tracking down and identifying the hater. The person turned out to be someone who studied law in one of Korea’s most prestigious universities.

— Naeun’s Lawyers

However, she made shocking news when she decided to drop the case against the hater. She decided to drop the case once she heard that the hater was someone suffering from a mental disorder.

The hater appealed to have developed a psychological disorder while preparing years for the bar exam. The hater is now said to be hospitalized and going through treatments. The family sincerely apologized to Son Naeun and her agency. After hearing about the current state of things for the family and the genuine apology, Son Naeun generously decided to forgive the hater and drop the case.

— Naeun’s Lawyers

2. V (BTS)

V has shared in the past that he was a victim of bullying from one of his “friends” This “friend” once invited V to his birthday party, but purposefully gave him the wrong address.

V ended up spending many hours waiting at the wrong location. While V eventually did get the proper location for the party, he ended up just giving the person their gift and headed home.

Despite this act, V ended up forgiving this person after he got an apology many years later.

I received an apology from him 2 years later and we even continued our friendship to after I debuted. Even if you fought with a friend, just telling them that you have no hard feelings toward them will make you make up quickly.

— V

3. Jane Jang

In 2019, Jane Jang publicly shamed Nam Tae Hyun for cheating on her with multiple women.

The two eventually broke up due to this, but Jane Jang decided to forgive Nam Tae Hyun after he apologized to her. However, Nam Tae Hyun would later make claims that he never cheated on her.

I received a sincere apology from Nam Tae Hyun, and we resolved our conflict smoothly after talking about it.

I came to think that it would be good if we each focus on ourselves and show support for each other on each of our paths ahead.

I would like to watch him embark on a warm and positive path from now on. As a colleague, I will cheer him on as he makes good music.

I will work to improve myself as I am also a person who is lacking in many ways. The warm words given to me by each person have made me promise myself to become a better person and a better musician.

Thank you.

For a completely fresh start, I will delete this post in a few days.

– Jane Jang

4. Hyosung (Former member of SECRET)

This one isn’t as severe as the other acts on this list, but actress and fitness instructor Yang Jung Won once made headlines when she was asked about Hyosung’s gummy smile

Yang Jung Won went on to claim that Hyosung had gotten gum surgery, where she stated. “I think Hyosung had surgery. It doesn’t show now.” 

Yang Jung Won was met with a lot of criticism for her statements towards Hyosung, and eventually released an apology, where she emphasized that she had no intention of criticizing Hyosung, and deeply apologized for her hurtful words.

TS Entertainment, which was the agency that Hyosung was under at the time, stated that they would not be taking legal action and that Hyosung accepted the apology.