4 Times BTS Was Ready To “Fight” Their Staff

The staff will do whatever they can to trick BTS.

BTS has a great relationship with its staff, and there have been many moments where they were playful towards each other. Here are 4 times BTS and their staff were ready to “throw hands” at each other!

1. BTS vs. the game masters

In episodes 79 and 80 of Run BTS!, the BTS members had a tough time against the game masters. Jimin thought one game master was too “harsh” during a word game.

Jimin also lost in a long game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

When Suga lost a Rock, Paper, Scissors game, he walked away from his game master and said that he couldn’t beat him!

When BTS was running out of time, V tried to squeeze in a few games. However, his game master decided to be playful and chose to play the capital city game, which V isn’t the best at!

Similar to V, Jungkook also struggled with the capital city game.

2. The staff trying to trick the members

In episode 110 of Run BTS!, the members played a drawing game to win some clues. In the game, each member blindly doodled a picture, and the other members had to guess what the picture was. While the first six drawings were animals, the staff decided to throw a curveball and change the theme for Jungkook. The members almost guessed that the answer was “butterfly” when it was actually “scissors.”

While the members managed to guess the correct answer, they had playful reactions about the staff changing the theme, especially Suga.

BTS’s Suga

Suga walked towards the staff and jokingly asked them why they suddenly decided to change the theme.

3. Staff calling out Jungkook and V

In episode 111 of Run BTS!, BTS was on a treasure hunt, and each member searched for letters and numbers that would give them the passcode for the final treasure box.

The staff helped out BTS along the way, and there were many hilarious moments. The director called out Jungkook when he held a fake treasure box and told him, “Jungkook, please stop looking for the passcode and start looking for the real treasure chest.

BTS’s Jungkook | HYBE/Weverse

Jungkook was surprised when he heard his name called.

Jungkook wasn’t the only one called out, as the director told V, “Place the treasure chest back to its spot.

V did as instructed and adorably put his hands up to let the staff know.

4. Staff favoring Jungkook

In episode 104 of Run BTS!, BTS played the capital city game to earn materials. Jungkook sometimes struggles with this game, and the staff helped him out by asking him what the capital of Korea is. Jungkook answered immediately.

The hyungs loudly complained and thought the staff was favoring Jungkook too much!


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