Here Are 5 Of The Most Frightening Stories Seen In K-Pop

Number 3 is just heartbreaking.

K-Pop idols have to deal with some frightening situations, whether it be due to sasaeng fans, companies, anti-fans, etc. This has led to some stories in K-Pop that are just plain terrifying. Here’s a list of a few them.

1. JYJ Jaejoong’s experience with a sasaeng fan at a sauna

Jaejoong is an idol who has many terrifying experiences due to sasaeng fans. One of his worst experiences was when he was at a sauna and decided to take a nap. During his nap, a sasaeng fan came and not only took a picture of him but also uploaded the photo online and bragged that she kissed him while he was asleep.

| Koreaboo

2. TVXQ’s Yunho nearly getting killed by an anti-fan

In the past, an anti-fan once disguised herself as a fan and gave Yunho some orange juice that had super glue mixed into it. After drinking the beverage, Yunho almost immediately had to go to the hospital.

While Yunho did physically recover from the incident, he revealed on an episode of Radio Star that it took him a bit of time to recover mentally. He even forced himself to drink a bunch of orange juice to help recover from the trauma.

But as I opened the can, my hands started shaking. But I thought to myself, if I don’t drink this now, I’ll never be able to drink it again. So I held my shaking hand and drank it.

ㅡ Yunho

3. An idol group getting beaten and tortured

On an insider reporting program called Brave Reporters, they shared the story of a now-disbanded girl group who got abused by one of their producers. Before this group made their debut, they were already gaining a lot of attention due to how skilled their members were, as well as one of their members being a former beauty pageant contestant. 

The group was popular right from their debut, as they had a packed schedule almost immediately after their debut. However, their CEO was in for a surprise when he went to check on the members for a scheduled broadcast, and the members were nowhere to be found. He tried calling them, but no one answered. The group ended up never appearing for their scheduled broadcast.

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After a few days, the CEO got a call from one of the members whose voice sounded like they were on the verge of death. The CEO met the members and was shocked when they appeared in front of them. The members were much skinnier than before, had a strange smell to them, and were shivering in fear.

The members then revealed to their CEO that one of their producers had invited them to her house before the broadcast. When they arrived, the producer was holding a baseball bat. The producer then started threatening the members to sign a contract with a different company. When the members refused, the producer started beating them with the baseball bat and locked them up in a room for multiple days.

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The members then told the CEO that they no longer wished to be idols, and have since left the industry.

4. Kwon Nara nearly getting kidnapped

When Kwon Nara was a trainee, she once almost got kidnapped when she was waiting for her father to come to pick her up after practice. While she was waiting, a strange van started approaching her, and a man started walking towards her.

The man then grabbed her and tried to drag her into the van.

At that moment, her father miraculously came and rescued her.

5. BTS’s Jimin getting death threats

Jimin is an idol who has received multiple death threats throughout his career, with some of them being quite graphic. It got to the point where he had to address them.

I was shocked to hear about another death threat, the second death threat since last year. However, I was more worried about the fans than myself.

— Jimin

However, Jimin also stated that the death threats weren’t bothering him too much and that he trusted the staff members.

I’m not going to be caught up by these threats. There are so many people waiting to see me. I don’t think anyone has to worry because my staff members take very good care of me.

— Jimin