5 Korean Celebrities Who Mysteriously Disappeared From The Entertainment Industry

Number 1 hasn’t been publicly seen in over a decade!

When Korean celebrities decide to leave the entertainment industry, fans usually can get a few updates about them from time to time. However, there have been some Korean celebrities who seemingly vanished into thin air. Here’s a list of some Korean celebrities who have completely disappeared from the industry.

1. Ori

Ori made her debut in 2009 on KBS‘s Music Bank, and this would be the last time people ever saw her. Her debut stage was criticized greatly by netizens, as they thought her debut was one of the worst in K-Pop history. After her debut stage, Ori was never seen again.

Some believe that Ori was hurt by these hateful comments and quit the entertainment industry due to them.

The stress was so extreme that I spent half of my high school days with depression and the resulting gastrointestinal diseases. At that time, I ended my desire for music… I worked at an international airport duty-free shop and was buried in the world.

— Ori

A YouTube channel by the name of “Mightnight Theories” discovered that Ori is currently living in Japan and plans on becoming a composer.

2. Lee Tae Im

Actress Lee Tae Im made a shocking announcement in 2018 when she revealed that she was going to retire from the entertainment industry. This came seemingly out of nowhere, as not even her company was aware of this. Lee Tae Im even removed her profile from portal sites as a way of beginning her life as a non-celebrity. She also gave a final message to her fans on her now-closed Instagram account.

This is Tae Im.

It’s been a long time. I’ve been going through a difficult time with various thoughts and hardships.

I’ve decided to live an ordinary life from hereon. I will not forget those who loved and supported me.

Thank you

— Lee Tae Im

Since then, there have been very few updates about Lee Tae Im.

3. G.NA

In 2016, it was revealed that G.NA had been involved in a prostitution scandal, where she allegedly paid around 35,000,000 KRW for her sexual relations with an American businessman. While G.NA admitted to a lot of the claims, she argued that she was not aware of any money exchanges and that the meeting was more like a blind date.

After this scandal, G.NA seemingly disappeared from the entertainment industry, as there were no updates about her at all. It wasn’t until 2020 when G.NA uploaded a photo on her Instagram that fans were finally able to get an update on her.

4. Cha Yoon Ji

Singer Cha Yoon Ji debuted in 2017 with her debut EP “I Dream”. However, this would be the only album she released, as Cha Yoon Ji has been inactive as a singer for many years.

After her debut, she participated in the survival show The Unit but left due to health reasons. Since then, Cha Yoon Ji has been relatively inactive as a celebrity, as she has had no broadcasting appearances or music releases since 2017. However, fans can still get some updates about her through her Instagram.

5. Kim Hee Jung

Actress Kim Hee Jung debuted as a child actress in 2000 and was quite active until 2007 when she seemingly disappeared from the acting industry.

While Kim Hee Jung was inactive for many years, she did eventually make a return in 2012. Since that time, Kim Hee Jung has been incredibly active as an actress, with her most recent work being Touch Your Heart.

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