5 Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors That Couldn’t Have Been More False

Some of these rumors started for absurd reasons.

Korean celebrities get involved in dating rumors all the time, but sometimes, these rumors end up starting for absurd reasons and are even laughable. Here’s a list of a few Korean celebrity dating rumors that couldn’t have been more false.

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & Dara

G-Dragon (Left) & Dara (Right)

For many years, fans believed that these two were secretly dating due to their adorable chemistry with each other. Fans even once tried compiling “evidence” to prove that they were dating, as they noticed similarities between their Instagram posts.

It got to the point where the two became aware of the rumors, and Dara had to shut them down.

I don’t really understand because were really like family. So… ah, yuck. We’re really close so there’s nothing special about it. 

— Dara

2. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona & PSY


In 2012, Yoona and PSY got involved in a dating rumor when a Chinese media outlet shared a photo of “the two” reportedly on a date. This would have been breaking news, as PSY was already married.

Yoona eventually had to step in and speak on the ridiculous rumor and reveal that she was filming an episode of Running Man, and the man in the picture was a cameraman that happened to resemble PSY.

3. Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo

Kim Jong Kook (Left) & Song Ji Hyo (Right)

These two have been castmates on Running Man for over a decade, and through the years, some fans speculated the two were dating due to their chemistry together. It even became a running joke on Running Man.

However, the two have always denied the rumors and said that they consider each other as family. Running Man‘s former PD Jung Cheol Mi, once spoke on the rumors and shared that nobody on the show believes that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook would ever date.

What you see from the members is what really happens.

Ji Suk Jin was willing to bet his entire wealth on them not dating since the members are all close. [When they heard the rumors], they thought ‘Oh? What’s this?’

The production team feels the same way.

— Jung Cheol Min

4. Kim Hee Won & Park Bo Young

Kim Hee Won (Left) & Park Bo Young (Right)

Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won got involved in a ridiculous dating rumor when the two were captured going to a café together.

While these rumors were quickly shut down, Park Bo Young wasn’t happy when this absurd rumor surfaced.

A dating rumor…? I feel so old now that I’ve been involved in a dating rumor.

This is not true. Hee Won sunbae-nim and I met on Hot Young Bloods and Collective Invention. We’re good friends and industry colleagues, though we have an age difference. We do meet up to eat, that part is true. We also drink tea too!!! And when we went to Youngdeok to have steamed crab, the director for Collective Invention came with us… Like… The three of us… T-T Since I don’t have an agency, it is harder for me to get press on these matters. But I thought I could at least clarify like this.

I also plan on asking the cafe in Youngdeok to take down the screenshots from the CCTV. I mean, I never agreed to it, so… Anyway, what a surprise to start off 2020. Happy New Year! And those of you who write things without fact-checking first… I can’t help… but resent you. And I guess people can talk about seeing me, but those who make up entire scenarios… I’ll keep my eyes on you. But when you cross the line, I’ll take legal action. Thank you! Have a good day!

— Park Bo Young

5. BTS’s Jin & Lee Guk Joo

Lee Guk Joo

These two got involved in a dating rumor when Lee Guk Joo publicly joked that she was dating an idol trainee. For some reason, netizens started to speculate that this idol trainee was Jin, as Jin and Lee Guk Joo are quite close.

It got to the point where Lee Guk Joo had to speak on this rumor and reveal that she never dated Jin.