5 K-Pop Idols Who Got Criticized For Their Poor Choice Of Words

Do you think all of them deserved to get criticized?

There have been many instances where K-Pop idols weren’t careful and said statements that were a bit controversial. Some of these statements led to harsh criticism from netizens. Here’s a list of some idols who got criticized for their poor choice of words.

1. C.A.P (Teen Top)

C.A.P once got criticized by netizens when he made some controversial statements about his potential future children. He said that if he had a son, he would support him in everything he wanted to. However, he also jokingly said that if he were to have a daughter, he would beat her and lock her up at home because the world is cruel.

2. Kang Sunghoon (Former member of Sechs Kies)

Kang Sunghoon got harshly criticized when he took a shot at almost all current K-Pop idols. He made a statement on how he think idols nowadays are just ugly.

Hey, but you know what? Recently idols look really ugly. When I see them at the salon, they’re so fucking ugly. Their skin is so dirty. They’re so fucking ugly, really. Why are they so ugly?

— Kang Sunghoon

He also said that there hasn’t been a handsome idol since TVXQ, which is a group that debuted in 2003.

How can I point out a specific person. There hasn’t been a single handsome idol since TVXQ.

— Kang Sunghoon


When he was asked about BTOB, he harshly criticized their visuals as well. He also criticized the entertainment industry for “failing” to pick the “correct” idols.

How could I say it’s them right now? But they are really ugly. If I was making [a group] I would look at their faces and then pick [the members]. Shouldn’t celebrities at least look good? Their skin should be good and they need an aura around them.

— Kang Sunghoon

3. Joo Haknyeon (The Boyz)

In 2017, Joo Haknyeon faced some backlash due to his comment about an earthquake in Pohang. At the time, Pohang had been hit with a 5.4 magnitude scale earthquake that left many injured and homeless. During a live broadcast, Joo Haknyeon made a comment that many viewed as inconsiderate.

The weather is cold these days. Maybe an earthquake happened because the ground was shivering from the cold.

— Joo Haknyeon

4. Kangnam (Former member of M.I.B)

In 2017, Kangnam faced some backlash for his comments towards Kyungri. During an interview, Kangnam jokingly told Kyungri that he was going to hit her after she teased him about his accent.

Can I hit her? I can’t, right?

— Kangnam

When asked if they were in a relationship, he made a questionable statement to prove that they weren’t.

If you ask me to beat her up until she dies, I can do it.

— Kangnam

While Kangnam had a joking tone with all of his comments, he still received quite a bit of backlash for his extreme comments towards Kyungri.

5. Park Yuri (JxR)

Park Yuri has gotten criticized by netizens in the past for his behavior pre-debut. One moment focused around iKON‘s Bobby.

Bobby (iKON)

Yuri’s visuals have been compared to Bobby’s in the past. Yuri didn’t seem to be too fond of these comparisons, as he has called Bobby ugly in the past.