5 K-Pop Trainees Who Decided To Stop Pursuing An Idol Career

Many of them are enjoying careers in different fields.

K-Pop trainees have to go through a lot of physical and mental stress to have a chance at debuting. There have been many trainees who decided to quit trying to pursue this goal and chose to pursue a different one. Here’s a list of some K-Pop trainees who decided to stop pursuing an idol career.

1. Go Yujin

Go Yujin made headlines after her appearance on Produce 48, and impressed viewers with her charismatic dancing skills. However, she placed 31st on the show and was eliminated.

She recently announced that she was going to give up on pursuing an idol career and was going to live as a non-celebrity.

Hello, this is Go Yujin.

I’ve currently left the company. I wanted to debut, but things didn’t go the way I wanted.

It’s something that needs to be backed up with luck, and so many bad things happened and it took such a big toll mentally that I ended up quitting.

I can’t tell you the details as of yet, but I’ll make sure to let you know when I can.

I’ve been a trainee for a long time and worked hard at it, but once I realized this lifestyle was eating away at me, each day became too difficult to bear.

So I gave up on my long dream, and I feel sorry to my fans who waited for my debut, but I think I’ll live my life as a non-celebrity from now on.

Also, I’d like to add that I never tried to deceive you by making you think I was going to debut.

Due to personal circumstances, I was unable to talk about my debut or the company.

I did my best to communicate with all of you through YouTube, Instagram, and live broadcast as a thank you to my fans who cheered me on and loved me, and from now on, I plan to repay the love you’ve given me by continuing to communicate with those who’ll still love me as a non-celebrity by chatting with you and showing you content and things I’m good at.

I won’t mention the problems that arose because I’m a non-celebrity.

It’s common to get hurt as a person who’s not a public figure. I ask that you refrain from spreading false rumors and making personal attacks.

If it’s too excessive, I’ll have no choice but to take legal measures.

Thank you again to those who’ve been waiting for me and I apologize that I couldn’t tell you right away.

– Go Yujin

Since that time, Go Yujin has been uploading on her YouTube channel, where fans can get updates about her life. Here’s her latest video below!

2. Kwon Hyeop

Kwon Hyeop was a trainee under Maroo Entertainment and was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2. He ended up getting eliminated in the first round of elimination, where he didn’t place in the top 60. After this, Kwon Hyeop decided to walk away from trying to become an idol.

Kwon Hyeop has expressed that he doesn’t want to continue on the path to becoming an idol to our agency. We have also concluded that respecting his wishes is most important. Therefore, we have finished our verbal consultation and agreed to prioritize Kwon Hyeop’s situation.

We will always support Kwon Hyeop in all his endeavors.

— Insider at Maroo Entertainment

3. Ariyoshi Risa

Ariyoshi Risa was a contestant on Produce 101, but ultimately got eliminated, with her final ranking being 55. After this, she decided to quit pursuing a career as an idol and is now a store owner and model.

4. Jang Do Yoon

Jang Do Yoon was once a trainee under Pledis Entertainment and was supposed to debut as a member of SEVENTEEN.

However, he decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to pursue being an idol, and instead wanted to be an actor.

Although I trained to become an idol for 4 years, I really wanted to become an actor.

So when I was 20, I made up my mind to take the path of an actor.

SEVENTEEN is the group I was in. But I don’t regret leaving the group because I am acting now.

— Jang Do Yoon

5. Song Minyoung

Song Minyoung was a trainee under JYP Entertainment was a contestant on SIXTEEN, which is the show that created TWICE.

However, she ended up getting eliminated from the show and didn’t debut as a member of TWICE, and soon left JYP Entertainment. While Song Minyoung has never made an official statement about her career, many have assumed that she quit trying to be an idol, as there have been no updates about her since she departed from JYP Entertainment.