5 Moments In K-Pop That Left Netizens Disgusted

Yang Hyun Suk isn’t on the list for the reason you’d think.

Netizens are seemingly always reacting to things related to K-Pop, and sometimes, moments in K-Pop had netizens just disgusted. Here are five moments in K-Pop that had netizens disgusted.

1. A sasaeng fan’s behavior towards Hwang Minhyun

When Minhyun was at an airport, a sasaeng fan invaded his privacy and shared a series of images and captions that had many disgusted. A sasaeng fan is a “fan” who goes far lengths to see their favorite idols, such as invading their privacy. This particular sasaeng fan followed Minhyun to the airport and made him extremely uncomfortable.

Thank you for letting me know how much you hate me. It’s okay, I have time. Let’s play;)

Sasaeng fan

The sasaeng fan even got close to Minhyun and began to smell him.

F**k you smell nice.

Sasaeng fan

Despite Minhyun being clearly uncomfortable, the sasaeng fan continued invading his privacy.

So scared, he keeps looking back at me wtf.

Sasaeng fan

Netizens and fans were shocked by these posts, with some claiming that what the sasaeng fan was doing was considered sexual harassment.

2. A BTS “fan’s” comment about Mad Clown & San E’s song “Butterfly”

San E (Left) & Mad Clown (Right)

A supposed BTS “fan” under the ID of “Kingtansonyundan” left a comment under San E and Mad Clown’s song “Butterfly” that had many netizens disgusted. In their comment, they stated how the yellow album cover reminded them of fishcakes.

Seeing this yellow album cover makes me think of <the fishcakes>.

— @Kingtansonyundan

The commenter was referring to the yellow ribbons that symbolized the tragedy of the Sewol Ferry, where hundreds of students and passengers were trapped on a sunken ship.

Mad Clown was not happy about this comment and decided to personally call out this person.

I usually look at negative comments and laugh it off, but for this rude person who went too far with the Sewol disaster, I will do everything I can to take measures. We can find out so much just with the Melon ID, I can’t imagine what they’re thinking making comments like this.

— Mad Clown

3. An in-depth diagram of BIGBANG G-Dragon’s body

A creepy Instagram post once caught the attention of many netizens, as it showed details of G-Dragon’s body. The posting shared personal details about G-Dragon, such as the size of his underwear.

The person who created this post was supposedly a soldier who was able to interact with G-Dragon while he was in the military. Netizens were shocked by this post, as it showed how little privacy G-Dragon had.

4. TWICE Tzuyu’s photos being illegally used on a karaoke room sign that allegedly solicits prostitution

In early 2020, Tzuyu became a victim of defamation when her photos were used on the sign of a karaoke room. Not only that, but netizens also claimed that the karaoke room was suspicious and suspected it was an underground karaoke room that offered adult entertainment services.

Netizens and fans were angered by this and demanded to know where the sign was located so that they could file a report to JYP Entertainment, which is TWICE’s agency.

5. Yang Hyun Suk’s love story

When Yang Hyun Suk guested on Healing Camp, he shared the story of how he got with his wife, Lee Eun Ju. However, his story was met with a lot of disapproval, and even some disgust by netizens.

During the episode, Yang Hyun Suk confessed that he fell for Lee Eun Ju when he caught a glimpse of her on television. Lee Eun Ju is the younger sister of Sechs Kies member Lee Jae Jin, and Lee Jae Jin was once giving a house tour when cameras briefly captured her. At the time, Lee Eun Ju was only in her second year of middle school.

The camera caught her briefly. About 3 seconds? I saw this little kiddo doing the dishes and I went, ‘huh?’

— Yang Hyun Suk

When Lee Eun Ju turned 16, Yang Hyun Suk decided to recruit her to become a YG Entertainment trainee.

Lee Eun Ju eventually debuted as a member of Swi.T, but the group disbanded a few years after their debut. Yang Hyun Suk has admitted that the group failed due to his lack of effort, as he didn’t want Lee Eun Ju to become popular.

If I had supported Swi.T for the love of my wife, then they would have been a little more successful.

— Yang Hyun Suk

Lee Eun Ju and Yang Hyun Suk eventually began dating and got married. However, a lot of netizens reacted negatively to this story, as they found Yang Hyun Suk’s treatment of Swi.T, as well as how early he fell for Lee Eun Ju to be disturbing.