5 Times Anti-Fans Failed Miserably At Trying To Sabotage K-Pop Idols

Some of these are hilarious.

There have been many anti-fans in K-Pop who tried to sabotage certain idols, as some even attempted to do horrible acts. There have also been some anti-fans who tried to sabotage certain idols but failed miserably. Here’s a list some times when anti-fans failed miserably at trying to sabotage K-Pop idols.

1. Anti-fan trying to spread false rumors about BTS

An anti-fan once made a post on Pann trying to claim that the BTS members were being rude to their senior artist Im Chang Jung when he posted a photo on his Instagram.

| @imchangjung3309/Instagram

Woah look at BTS members ignore the senior artist in front of him and just go ahead on their discussion hahahaha He said that they just saw him and passed him too… hahahahaha Isn’t this truly a rude behavior by them.. haha?

— BTS anti-fan

However, the anti-fan didn’t read the caption of the photo, as Im Chang Jung praised the BTS members for their kindness and gave them nothing but praise.

| @imchangjung3309/Instagram

Since it was a little loud in the airport~ I turned around and saw famous idol group BTS~ They took a photo with me kindly~!^^ I took a photo of them~!!^^ Kindly~!! Hahaha, I think Vietnam airport almost collapsed due to their fame~!! Their popularity is awesome~!! Really handsome~!! But there was this lady in front of me that kept looking at me~!! I gave her a eye sight that I would take a photo with her if she asked~… but she just left~….

— Im Chang Jung

2. Anti-fans failing to remove Chen from EXO

Once Chen announced his marriage in 2020, some EXO “fans” decided that they were going to turn in Chen’s anti-fans. They also made it their “goal” to get him kicked out of the group. One group of anti-fans even rented buses that featured advertisements that read, “Our_Future_Has_No_Chen” and “We request Chen, who has severed the group’s image and broke fans’ trust to leave.

While anti-fans have made several attempts at trying to kick out Chen, nothing has worked. SM Entertainment even released a statement in the past saying that Chen would be staying in the group.

3. Anti-fans trying to remove IZ*ONE from Music Bank 

When IZ*ONE were going to make their comeback with “Fiesta”, some anti-fans decided to file a petition to ban them from KBS‘s Music Bank.

Is it right to have KBS, a public broadcaster operated by people’s taxes, cast a group made up of manipulation?

— K-Netizen

The petition ended up getting signed by over 5,000 people in four days. However, KBS rejected this petition, as they made it clear that IZ*ONE would be performing on Music Bank.

There will be no change in the appearance of IZ*ONE in Music Bank.

— KBS Official

4. Anti-fans failing to mock Mina (TWICE)

Anti-fans once tried sabotaging Mina after a photo of her with GOT7‘s BamBam went viral.

| @jacksonwangmy/Instagram

While JYP Entertainment denied the two were dating, anti-fans still felt “betrayed” due to this photo. Some anti-fans even tried making claims that Mina was the only TWICE member to not sell out her merchandise, saying that the photo caused her popularity to drop.

However, it was later revealed that these claims were false and that Mina’s merchandise was still getting sold out.

5. Anti-fans trying to spread a false picture of BLACKPINK

Jennie‘s iconic ice cream cart from “As If It’s Your Last” once decided to serve some ice cream to BLINKs. Some anti-fans decided to photoshop an obscene phrase onto the cart.

BLINKs soon called out the anti-fans for the picture and revealed what was actually said on the cart.