5 Times BTS Went Full Savage And Clapped Back At Disrespectful People

Some of these are legendary.

While the BTS members are incredibly kind, they also can be a little savage, especially towards disrespectful people. Here are 5 times BTS clapped back at disrespectful people.

1. Suga’s response to a reporter’s question

BTS’s Suga

During BTS’s press conference for their album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, a reporter asked the members about past allegations about the concept of “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” being plagiarized from a French photographer’s work. Once this question got asked, the members showed surprised reactions, especially Jimin.

I brought up ‘WINGS’ and ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ because I wanted to know if… was it plagiar… plagiarizing? I wanted to know more about the issues brought up by the French photographer.

I know this question can be uncomfortable but I wanted to hear what you had to say.

— Star News Reporter

Suga handled the question as professionally as possible, saying that their company was taking care of the issue.

In regards to that, our company’s legal team is talking to the photographer. I believe that our official stance will be the same as our company’s. Our company is currently looking into it, so I’m sure we’ll know when the results come out.

Thank you.

— Suga

2. Jin speaking about those who manipulate music charts

BTS’s Jin

During BTS’s acceptance speech for the “Song of the Year” award at the 2019 MAMA, Jin decided to speak about sajaegi, also known as chart manipulation. At the time, many artists were accused of sajaegi. Jin stated that he would like to live in a world where music would be done honestly.

I really want us to live in a world where all of those songs are heard and get the recognition they deserve. I know there are some negative ways to do this, but music should be done in an honest way. I look forward to living in a world where music is produced in good faith and heard in good faith.

— Jin

3. V showing a sasaeng fan what he was dealing with


Sasaeng fans are one of the worst things K-Pop idols have to deal with, as these are “fans” who invade the personal space of idols. At an airport, a sasaeng fan was too close to V and taking pictures, so V decided to show her what he was dealing with. V took out his phone and pretended to take a picture of the sasaeng fan. After V did this, the sasaeng fan backed away from him.

4. BTS’s rap line dissing rapper B-Free

BTS’s rap line

In 2013, Suga and RM made a guest appearance in Kim Bong Hyun’s Hip-Hop Invitational 1st Anniversary Broadcast.

Suga and RM were both active as underground rappers before they debuted in BTS. Their decision to become K-Pop idols didn’t sit well with B-Free, as he didn’t view idols as “real rappers.”

You guys could have taken the road towards becoming rappers, but you couldn’t beat that temptation. Is BTS’s music hip-hop? Is wearing makeup on stage like a girl hip-hop?

— B-Free

Rapper B-Free

After B-Free made these comments, ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) requested an apology from him. B-Free didn’t apologize and decided to diss ARMY instead.

I didn’t realize I’d have such an impact on so many people. But anyways if you’re thinking about what I said today for over 20 minutes, I sincerely recommend finding a boyfriend.

— B-Free

BTS’s rap line (RM, Suga, and J-Hope) soon released a diss track targeting B-Free.

Overspending on my pens that are more in number than your (B-Free) fans, if I go all in and shoot, it’s a goal in. Goal in, I’m ballin, when I hear your rap, I’m about to throw up.

— Suga

While B-Free eventually apologized to BTS and ARMYs, it was years after he made the original comment.

5. RM proving malicious netizens wrong


When BTS were rookies, a lot of people doubted them. RM once guested in the 4 Things Show and read some malicious comments. Some of the comments criticized RM’s visuals, saying that he “doesn’t look like an idol.

Some comments criticized BTS’s music.

After reading all of this, RM had a simple message to these malicious netizens.

I will prove it to you all.

— RM

RM ended up keeping his word, as BTS became legends and helped spread K-Pop globally!