5 Times K-Pop Idols Made Shocking Confessions

Number 3 faced some big consequences.

K-Pop idols are quite open with their fans and the public, as there have been many moments when idols publicly made shocking statements. Here are a few times when K-Pop idols made shocking confessions.

1. BTS’s Jimin revealing that he almost didn’t debut

Jimin is one of the main dancers in BTS and has been acknowledged by many people for his incredible dancing skills. However, he almost didn’t debut in BTS due to his dancing skills!

I almost failed to join the team because I wasn’t a good dancer.

— Jimin

During an episode of JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Jimin revealed that he majored in contemporary dance and that he struggled a lot adjusting to the dance style that K-Pop groups usually go for.

I majored in contemporary dance. Since the style of dancing was totally different than the choreography of an idol group, it became a difficult challenge for me.

— Jimin

Thankfully, Jimin was eventually able to adjust and debut in BTS.

2. BLACKPINK revealing what their trainee life was like

YG Entertainment might be one of the biggest companies in K-Pop, but that doesn’t mean that their trainees live glamorously. During an episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the BLACKPINK members revealed that they were poor as trainees, struggling to even get food.

We didn’t have much money at the time. So we mainly lived based on eggs and strawberry jam. We always had scrambled eggs with strawberry jam at least once a day.

— Jennie

Not only did they struggle with food, but they also revealed that their previous dorm was filled with cockroaches and centipedes!

We used to live with cockroaches.

— Jennie

Once BLACKPINK debuted, they were able to start living more glamorously.

3. HyunA & Dawn announcing their relationship

In 2018, rumors were circulating that HyunA and Dawn were in a relationship, but Cube Entertainment quickly shut down the rumors.

The report about HyunA and E’dawn (Dawn’s old stage name) dating are not true.

— Cube Entertainment

However, not long after Cube Entertainment made this statement, HyunA and Dawn came out and revealed that they were dating, shocking many people. Cube Entertainment was not fond of this, as they decided to kick HyunA and Dawn out of the company due to lost trust.

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

It has been decided that Cube Entertainment artists HyunA and E’Dawn will withdraw from the company.

We put our number one priority in managing our artists with mutual trust and faith between the agency and the artist.

After much discussion and consideration, we have decided that we could not regain the trust of the two artists, HyunA and E’Dawn.

We would like to thank the fans who have supported the two artists up until now.

— Cube Entertainment

After this, HyunA and Dawn both signed with P-NATION, which is PSY‘s agency.

4. TWICE’s Jihyo revealing that she almost gave up on her dreams

While Jihyo is now known as the leader of TWICE, she almost gave up on her dreams of becoming an idol when she was a trainee. During an episode of Carefree Travellers, Jihyo revealed that she wanted to quit right before TWICE debuted, as the group she was supposed to debut in ended up disbanding.

Right before I debuted, I wanted to quit. Before TWICE, there was this team that I was a part of. When that team disbanded, I just wanted to give up.”

— Jihyo

Thankfully, Jihyo was given another chance through the show SIXTEEN and was able to debut in TWICE.

5. BTOB’s Peniel being open about his hair loss

In 2016, Peniel revealed on an episode of Hello Counsellor that he was suffering from a severe hair loss condition. This came as a shock to everyone, as idols typically don’t talk about these kinds of things.

 I am no longer forced to lie. I suffer from alopecia (hair loss).

— Peniel

In 2018, Peniel shared that his condition was starting to get better and that he was able to grow most of his hair back.

After my confession, I stopped going to the hospital [for treatment] and was able to grow 70% of my hair back.

— Peniel

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