5 Times K-Pop Idols Nearly Got Injured Due To Sasaeng Fans

Number 5 nearly got kidnapped when she was in elementary school!

Sasaeng fans are one of the worst things that K-Pop idols have to deal with, as they have no problem doing extreme actions to get close to their favorite idols. Many idols have nearly gotten seriously injured due to some of these extreme behaviors. Here’s a list of a few of these heartbreaking moments.

1. BLACKPINK when they went to Manila

When BLACKPINK landed at the Manila airport in the Philippines for their 2019 World Tour, they ran into a dangerous situation. This was because sasaeng fans were waiting at the airport for the members’ arrival.

Some sasaeng fans even got on the top of police cars and other vehicles to get a better look at the members.

The sasaeng fans ended up halting traffic at the airport, and potentially could have caused an accident.

2. EXO nearly getting kidnapped

Some EXO sasaeng fans once rented a van similar to the one EXO uses and parked it near where EXO was finishing one of their schedules. When EXO finished their schedule, they walked towards the van, thinking it was theirs.

Thankfully, their manager stopped them from entering the van, as he thought it was a little suspicious.

3. BTS getting into a minor car accident

In 2018, BTS got involved in a minor car accident when some sasaeng fans followed their cars. Some witnesses said that four or five taxis had been following the cars the BTS members were in.

Thankfully, nobody was injured from these traffic collisions.

4. EXO’s Chanyeol running from sasaeng fans

Sasaeng fans crowding idols is a common behavior. Plenty of idols have gotten injured due to sasaeng fans crowding them, such as Park Jihoon.

This could have potentially happened to EXO’s Chanyeol when he was at an airport. However, he quickly realized the situation and made a run for it when he saw the number of sasaeng fans that were approaching him.

5. Kim Yoo Jung nearly getting kidnapped

Kim Yoo Jung might not be an idol, but she has one of the scariest encounters with a sasaeng fan. When she was in elementary school, a sasaeng fan disguised himself as her father and attempted to kidnap her. Thankfully, Kim Yoo Jung’s teacher was suspicious of the man and asked Kim Yoo Jung if she knew him. When she said no, the teacher ended up calling the police.