5 Times K-Pop Idols Put Disrespectful People In Their Place

#2 was extremely savage!

K-Pop idols have to often have to deal with disrespectful people, and sometimes, idols decide to put them in their place. Here are 5 of these moments that will go down in history!

1. TWICE Momo’s savage response to haters

TWICE’s Momo

During a live broadcast, TWICE’s Momo and Jihyo were chatting with ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) when Jihyo started noticing some “weird comments.”

There are many people saying nice things in the comments, but there are lots of weird comments, too, right?

— Jihyo

TWICE’s Jihyo

Momo wasn’t bothered by the weird comments and said that they’re quite entertaining!

But that’s okay. It’s entertaining. I just feel like there are all sorts of people in this world, so I should be understanding.

— Momo

TWICE’s Momo

Jihyo then expressed that she doesn’t understand why people leave malicious comments.

People should just look at things they like. I don’t know why people purposely look for things they hate and say awful things about it. It’s such a waste of time. And time’s so precious.

— Jihyo

TWICE’s Jihyo

Momo concluded by saying that haters are only saying rude things because they’re jealous!

They’re just jealous of me. Am I being too optimistic? Aren’t they saying those things because they’re jealous?

— Momo

TWICE’s Momo

2. Jamie’s simple response to a malicious netizen

Jamie | @jiminxjamie/Instagram

Jamie is never afraid to speak her mind, and she had a simple response to a malicious netizen who called her a “gaesekgi,” which is a Korean curse word written out in English.

3. BTS’s V showing a sasaeng fan what she was doing to him


Sasaeng fans are “fans” who invade the personal space of idols, and BTS have constantly dealt with them throughout the years. One time at an airport, a sasaeng fan was extremely close to V and taking pictures. V then took out his phone and pretended to take pictures of this sasaeng fan, showing her what she was doing to him. After this, the sasaeng fan backed away from V.

4. OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee responding to a malicious netizen

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

A malicious netizen asked Oh My Girl’s Seunghee if the group was disbanding during a live broadcast.

Huh? What? Is Oh My Girl disbanding?

— Seunghee

Seunghee was surprised by this comment.

What are you talking about?

— Seunghee

Seunghee stared at the camera for a few seconds and then began writing something on a piece of paper.

HM. Okay. Okay.

— Seunghee

Seunghee then held up the piece of paper, and it read, “DON’T CROSS THE LINE.”

5. MONSTA X I.M’s message to K-Pop haters


MONSTA X’s I.M wasn’t afraid to speak on K-Pop haters during their acceptance speech at V HEARTBEAT, and he told these haters that he doesn’t care about them!

I know there’s a lot of like K-Pop haters, well let the haters bark, I don’t even care about it.

— I.M

Here’s the full video below!