8 Of BTS’s Distressing Encounters With Sasaengs Who Went Too Far

These “fans” caused mental and physical harm.

BTS has millions of fans, but unfortunately, some of those “fans” are sasaengs (stalker fans) who invade their space, take malicious photos, and even sell their personal information. Here are 8 encounters with sasaengs who went way too far.

1. The woman who tried to kiss Suga

A female “fan” was caught on video trying to force a kiss on Suga after BTS’s broadcast ended.

Suga pushed her away as onlookers shouted at her to leave him alone.

Thankfully, a staff member intervened. He separated Suga and the sasaeng as quickly as possible.

This encounter is particularly disturbing, knowing how much Suga values his personal space and gets nervous around crowds.

2. The “fans” who chased BTS in Sweden

While filming in Sweden, BTS dined at a cafe, not knowing what would happen the moment they stepped back outside. When a staff member noticed a group of sasaeng fans waiting, he asked them to leave. They pretended to leave the scene but chased after BTS as soon as the members left the cafe.

After the incident, Swedish ARMYs came together to make this apology video.

3. This ambush at the airport

Unfortunately, overcrowding is a common issue at airports. The sheer number of fans can cause ARMYs to accidentally get too close to the members sometimes, but there was nothing accidental about what happened to BTS in 2015.

At an airport in Indonesia, overzealous “fans” latched onto BTS’s personal items and to the members. Jungkook, in particular, had difficulty breaking free as ARMYs shouted at the sasaengs to let him go.

The sasaengs ignored the fans and continued to physically harass Jungkook.

4. No Pants Girl

This “fan” is notorious for invading BTS’s privacy, having been caught in the act numerous times. She is known to wear flashy outfits to try to catch the members’ attention and has attempted to talk to the members directly.

Fans gave her the nickname “No Pants Girl” or “No Pants Sasaeng” after she wore this outfit to follow BTS at Incheon International Airport. (FYI, she was wearing hot pants, not no pants, but the name has stuck.)

This sasaeng attempted to pass herself off as part of BTS’s entourage to follow the members through the gate, but she was nudged aside by a real staff member.

According to fans, her name is Lu Yao, and she was blacklisted by Big Hit Entertainment for sasaeng behavior.

5. Suga’s stalker

A sasaeng by the name of LChan has continually harassed Suga by taking photos of him during his free time. She then uploads the photos to Instagram, proudly boasting about her sasaeng activities.

Suga has caught LChan in the act and even raised his phone to warn her, but she persisted.

LChan’s Instagram account, @blacklchan39 has been deleted, but she may have opened a new account under a different username.

6. The sasaengs who boarded BTS’s plane

Mobbing BTS at the airport is bad enough, but taking over their plane? That’s going way too far. A Big Hit Entertainment staff member filmed a group of sasaengs quickly leaving the plane to pursue BTS after it landed. once expressed how much he dislikes being followed onto planes. Rather than resting and relaxing, the members have to be on guard if sasaengs are seated nearby.

7. Jimin’s phone spammers

An ordinary person suddenly began receiving messages from a Jimin sasaeng, who believed they had Jimin’s number. In at least one messages, the spammer threatened to harm themself if Jimin did not reply.

8. The women who lunged at Jungkook and Jimin

A bodyguard prevented this woman from throwing herself at Jimin, just in the nick of time.

A bodyguard also came between Jungkook and a woman who tried to grab him.

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