JAMIE Once Silenced Haters With a Very Impactful Message

JAMIE lets her voice be heard.

JAMIE is well-known for speaking her mind and not hesitating to make her voice be heard.

Like many idols, Jamie has faced her share of haters online, but she makes sure to teach them a lesson in her own way.

Back in 2018, Jamie was held an Instagram live broadcast where she took questions from fans.

But she received the comment, “gaesekgi”, a Korean curse word written out in English, to which Jamie responded to in a fresh way.


She made a gesture suggesting that they were the target of that insult, not her.

This stirred quite the positive response from fans, and she went viral for how she handled the hater.

But when she talked about it in an interview, she had a more serious message to send out to the haters.

You might think I don’t get hurt very easily, but I’m also a loved daughter.

– Park Jimin

What made this message even more impactful was the fact that it came from a strong woman who doesn’t let people push her around.

Here’s hoping the sincerity of that message got through to some of the haters out there.

See more of Jamie’s unbeatable spunk on the latest episode of the Facebook Watch series, HWAITING:

Source: Insight