5 Times Netizens Got Shocked By Facts About K-Pop Idols

Netizens were too quick to judge for Number 3.

While there have been lots of shocking stories in K-Pop, there have also been some more subtle stories that ended up surprising netizens. Here’s a list of times when netizens got shocked by facts about K-Pop idols.

1. BTS Jungkook’s popularity when getting scouted

While it’s common for idols to have gotten scouted by multiple agencies, netizens were shocked when they learned that Jungkook had gotten scouted by 7 different agencies!

Netizens were also surprised that Jungkook rejected bigger agencies and chose to join Big Hit Entertainment, who at the time was a smaller agency. Jungkook ended up joining Big Hit Entertainment due to RM.

I thought RM was so cool, so I wanted to sign with them [Big Hit]. I told my parents that I wanted to join, and so I signed.

— Jungkook

2. WINNER Mino’s past group

While Mino is now known as a member of WINNER, netizens were shocked when they found out that Mino originally debuted in 2011 as a member of the group BoM.

Mino (Left)

However, BoM ended up disbanding a few years after their debut. After this, Mino eventually found his way to YG Entertainment, and the rest is history.

3. iKON Bobby’s personality

Before Bobby’s debut with iKON, some netizens believed that he had a rude personality, as at the time, he had released several diss tracks.

However, netizens were surprised when they found that Bobby actually has a kind personality. A photo of Bobby helping out a struggling elderly woman went viral, and netizens praised him for his kindness.

4. Lee Hangyul’s age

When Lee Hangyul appeared on Produce X 101, many netizens assumed that he was born in 1994 or 1995, as he displayed a mature image.

Many netizens were shocked when they found out that he was actually born in 1999!

5. Jang Dong Yoon’s casting story

While Jang Dong Yoon isn’t a K-Pop idol, he has one of the craziest casting stories. In 2015, Jang Dong Yoon was inside a convenience store when a robbery occurred. He ended up calling the police immediately, and the police arrived in time to arrest the burglar. His heroic deed ended up getting him an interview with SBS. Jang Dong Yoon then started receiving lots of calls from entertainment agencies, as they were drawn to his visuals. In the end, he decided to sign with Dongyi Company.