7 Idol YouTube Channels You MUST Subscribe To If You Haven’t Yet

Are you already subscribed to their channels?

More and more frequently, idols are creating their own channels on YouTube to share content with their fans, as well as to diversify their income.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are some channels run by YouTube idols that you should absolutely check out. We’ve embedded their most recent upload at the time of writing this video below.

1. MAMAMOO Solar’s Solarsido

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has a channel called Solarsido in which she challenges herself to try new things, from going out on a date with a fan to revealing what’s in her wallet.

While most of her uploads are fun and cover light-hearted topics, her most recent upload is in recognition of “The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation by the UN”. Solar used the day to learn more about female genital mutilation and bring awareness to the topic at hand.

2. Grace Kim’s GRAZY GRACE

Rapper and former Unpretty Rapstar contestant Grace Kim‘s channel GRAZY GRACE is chock full of information. Grace doesn’t hold back in sharing her thoughts, including how she thinks Dispatch gets their information, as well as the scariest sasaeng encounters she’d ever heard of.

Grace’s most recent update is an interesting social experiment using a dating app.

3. VIXX N’s achahakyeon

VIXX‘s leader N has a self-named channel called achahakyeon. N doesn’t upload very often, but fans of his channel love how relaxing watching his videos is!

4. Crayon Pop Way’s WayLand

Crayon Pop‘s Way once said that she makes more money through her channel than she ever did with her group. In addition to being brutally honest about her experiences in the K-Pop industry, she also shares beauty secrets, song covers, and so much more!

Way’s most recent upload features dancer Yerang Kim and they discuss a variety of topics including how to become an idol dancer, treatment, and so much more!

5. EXO Baekhyun’s channel

Like VIXX’s N, EXO‘s Baekhyun doesn’t upload very often, however, when he does, EXO-L’s come out to support his videos. Baekhyun’s videos are mostly filmed vlog-style and give you a fun sneak peek into the life of a world-famous idol.

His last video was uploaded in the middle of October 2019, so fans are anxiously awaiting his next upload.

6. VIXX Ken’s ! KEN DO !T

VIXX’s cutie main vocal Ken shares everything from song covers to ASMR videos on his channel.

His most recent upload was from the end of January featuring his lovely mom as they cooked food together.


CLC‘s Sorn uploads a variety of content to her punnily named YouTube channel. From random vlogs to makeup tutorials, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. She’s very interactive with her fans, and even asked them to help name her subscribers!

Sorn’s latest video upload is from just a few days ago, in which she shares her Lunar New Year Bangkok vacation.

Were you already subscribed to these seven channels or did you find a new one to subscribe to today? 😊