7 Of The Rudest Things Anti-Fans and Akgaes Have Done To The TWICE Members

Some of the things these fans did or said truly hurt the TWICE members.

Although fans may not mean to be rude, the behavior and words of some fans have truly hurt the feelings of TWICE members as well as many other idols. Unfortunately, these incidents happen and all we can do is hope that these fans learn from their mistakes and make sure not to repeat them to the stars they love so much. Here are a few of the rudest things fans have done to TWICE.

1. “Shut your mouth”

Each member of TWICE was saying their goodbyes at this fansign event but when it was Tzuyu’s turn to speak, fans started shouting “Just don’t say it!” and one fan shouted “Shut your mouth! Close it!” After receiving this response from “fans”, Tzuyu looked embarrassed and softly said, “Jeongyeon uhnni, you say it.” The video later went viral with numerous netizens criticizing the “fan” for making such a rude comment. The fan made an official apology later explaining that he acknowledged his wrong choice of words and that the phrase just blurted out because he was sad the fansign was over and didn’t want to say goodbye.

2. “Weightlifting!”

In this video clip, TWICE members were talking about what would suit them the best if they were sports athletes. Fans said that Jeongyeon looks like she would be a good fencer while Tzuyu would suit being a swimmer, Mina a rhythmic gymnast or figure skater and Chaeyoung a runner. When it was Jihyo’s turn, however, a rude fan shouted very loudly, “Weightlifting!!!” Jihyo made a sad expression turned around to hide her tears before smiling to cover it up. The clip broke the hearts of all fans watching it.

3. Throwing things onto the stage… at the members

During one of TWICE’s concerts, a fan threw their banner on the stage and hit Jihyo in the face with it.

Jihyo later picked up the banners that were thrown on stage and carefully placed each one on her shoulder.

At the same concert, footage caught a fan throwing their phone on stage and seeing this, Momo told the fan not to do this by shaking her head with a concerned look on her face. Throwing things onto the stage is not only rude, it can be really dangerous too!

4. Grabbing TWICE… when they aren’t expecting it.

When TWICE arrived in Da Nang, Vietnam for the filming of a program, a lack of security resulted in some fans grabbing the TWICE members. Fans were seen grabbing Tzuyu, Sana, and Nayeon as they were trying to pass through. Thankfully, many other fans helped protect the members and helped them get through the crowd safely but the TWICE members probably did not feel safe when people were grabbing them from the side.

5. “I’m a TWICE member too”

According to some fans, when the TWICE members were returning to Korea from abroad, one fan pushed Jihyo while trying to take pictures of the other members. What angered and broke the hearts of fans, however, was what Jihyo told the fan in response. She apparently said, “Don’t push… I’m a TWICE member too.”

While the other members went on ahead to take pictures, Jihyo, being the reliable leader that she is, followed behind pushing the cart with luggage.

6. Mina receives a death threat

Mina once received a death threat from a member of the Ilbe community. The Ilbe member threatened Mina with a knife, following the reveal of a picture between Mina and GOT7’s BamBam. JYP Entertainment later decided to take strict legal action against the Ilbe member who threatened her.

[★BREAKING] Sasaeng Fan From Ilbe Threatens To Murder TWICE Mina

7. Nayeon’s crazy stalker

Nayeon has had a stalker following her for a LONG time, and the stalker has even gotten to the point where he has followed TWICE on flights, and even threatened death towards her. He is infamous within the TWICE community for his obsessiveness, and despite the restraining order against him being lifted, JYP Entertainment continues to threaten legal action against him if he ever tries to make another move.

TWICE’s Nayeon Withdraws Restraining Order Against Her German Stalker, JYP To Continue Taking Legal Action