8 Craziest BLACKPINK Jennie Moments From “24/365 with BLACKPINK”

#5 is iconic.

BLACKPINK‘s maknae, Lisa, is not the only crazy one in the group! Contrary to her cool and elegant image, Jennie also has a playful personality that comes out when she’s in a comfortable setting. The variety show 24/365 with BLACKPINK was the perfect place for her to let loose.

Check out some of her funniest and most iconic moments below!

1. When she made excuses to go shopping

Fans followed Jennie when she went shopping on the first episode of their new show. While she called it “checking the trends” before their comeback, it really was just a reason to buy what catches her eye. The captions that the show’s editors put on the screen were completely accurate: “What was the purpose of this visit again?” and “Out of Control!”

She later admitted to herself that the clothes she bought were completely unrelated the comeback. It’s true that what Jennie wants, Jennie gets!

2. When she made a grand entrance

Jennie did not walk with the rest of her members on the way to their press conference for “How You Like That”. As soon as Jisoo asked, “Where’s Jennie?” she appeared in an elegant gown surrounded by numerous staff members. What a queen!

3. When she killed the mood

As soon as Jennie learned she got the “director” position in an imaginary company outing on Episode 3, she held her chin high and bossed her members around. That did not mean, however, that she was immune to their criticism. Jisoo was completely miffed when Jennie killed the karaoke mood by singing a ballad.

4. When she couldn’t believe her members

Jennie had a mental breakdown when she watched Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé pick the wrong food items in Episode 4. It mean none of them won the Korean beef for their dinner later that day, and they would have to be fine with kimchi, rice cake, sauces, ramen, and more.

5. When she bet…and lost

After looking at their meager winnings, Jennie challenged the staff for the beef through a single game of rock-paper-scissors. Despite her confidence, she lost the game and shyly proclaimed, “Guys, I’ll cook fried rice with kimchi!”

6. When she was shooked as soon as she learned she got Kristoff

Jennie could only stand in place in shock when she learned she had to dress up as Kristoff for their “How You Like That” Frozen dance practice video. She even chased Jisoo around the room to steal her paper with “Elsa” written on it.

7. When she killed it anyway

Even if she didn’t want to be “a male character”, she killed it with her tough and playful actions on set!

She even posted a picture to commemorate the day on her Instagram account.

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8. When she was the best driver

Last but definitely not the least, Jennie’s cool side came out in full force when BLACKPINK had a go-kart battle in Episode 7. She hilariously gave Lisa a dismissive, “Bye!” as she overtook her on the track.

Check out more of Jennie’s funny antics below!