8 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was A Crazy Ball Of Sunshine On “24/365 With BLACKPINK”

She once did a sexy dance for Jennie.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa may look fierce and intense on stage…

…but she’s an absolute teddy bear in real life. Her various antics on 24/365 with BLACKPINK prove she’s a ball of sunshine that no one—not BLACKPINK and definitely not BLINKs—can resist.

Check out some of her cutest, craziest moments in the episodes released so far down below!

1. When she gave BLINKs a “strict” greeting

Ever since her appearance on IQIYI‘s Youth With You, Lisa has had a strict strict mentor image that follows her everywhere. She took this with her on the prologue episode of 24/365 With BLACKPINK, greeting fans in a scary way that surprised even her own members.

2. When she was shooked at her meme’s popularity

Lisa became worldwide famous in something other than dancing after her “Did it work?” meme went viral online. She reacted to it in an excited manner as if she were a child at a candy shop!

After it became a hit, I was like, ‘My legs are so famous now!’ I even told my mom, ‘Mom, my legs got famous!’

– Lisa

3. When she also wanted to re-watch her MV

BLACKPINK reacted to their “How You Like That” music video on the second episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK. Lisa was just like every BLINK who streams their videos when she immediately wanted to re-watch it after it ended.

Let’s watch it one more time!

— Lisa

4. When she did sexy dance moves for Jennie

In the episode where BLACKPINK was assigned company roles for an outing, Lisa became the senior manager while Jennie was the director. In order to impress her boss, she did a surprise sexy dance that Jennie absolutely loved!

5. When it was revealed that Lisa is afraid of nothing

Lisa is BLACKPINK’s official insect catcher! She wasn’t afraid of the cockroaches and centipedes that infested their old dorm. Without flinching, she put the insects in a cup and brought them outside safely. Lisa was all confidence when she said, “That’s me!” after her members praised her.

We couldn’t even go near her and was just like, ‘Good job!’ But she was just like, ‘Erm, what do I do with this?’

— Jisoo

6. When Lisa was dying because of her member’s choices

BLACKPINK played a game where they could only eat the food that no one picked twice, each member getting their turn to choose from meat, sauces, vegetables, and more. When she and Rosé tried to guess each other’s thoughts, it was ultimately unfruitful. She could only watch in cold stone shock when the others had bad choices.

7. When Lisa was the ultimate Olaf

When BLACKPINK picked their Frozen characters for a dance practice video, it was chaos from start to finish. Though Lisa originally wanted to pick Anna or Elsa, she perfectly got in character for Olaf in her cute onesie.

Olaf is getting old too, you know!

— Lisa

8. When Lisa was shooked at her (fake) score

Finally, Lisa was the slowest driver in BLACKPINK’s go-kart episode. Unfortunately for her, the other members played a prank where they told her a fake time that was faster than her original one. She was ecstatic…until they told her the truth.

When it comes to hyper members, Lisa is the one to look at!