8 Times Idols Were Caught Being “Rude” To Other Idols

At first glance, these K-Pop idols are being extremely rude towards their fellow idols.

Idols are quite often accused of being “rude” to other idols, whether it be fellow group members or while interacting with other idol groups at awards events or variety shows. This can be due to the said idol looking angry or annoyed on camera, or because of their actions, which are scrutinized by fans. Most of the time there’s just been a misunderstanding, and it turns out to be misconstrued. Check out 8 times idols were accused of being rude to their peers, and the circumstances surrounding their “rude” behavior.


1. HyunA being too touchy with E’Dawn

HyunA was accused of being overly familiar with her male group members, PENTAGON‘s Hui and Hyojong (formerly known as E’Dawn). Netizens thought she was going overboard with skinship, making the boys clearly uncomfortable — especially E’Dawn.

But it turns out E’Dawn and HyunA have been dating for years, so he was was clearly not uncomfortable with the “excessive” contact! The way they speak to each other in a recent interview shows how close they really are, interchanging between polite and familiar speech.


2. Jimin and Jeongyeon’s alleged beef

Netizens noticed that TWICE’s Jeongyeon seemed to ignore BTS‘s Jimin whenever the two groups interacted, leading fans to think Jeongyeon had some kind of problem with Jimin.

But it’s become a running joke between the two fandoms now, with many fans shipping the two and making compilation videos of how they each have a secret crush on the other.


3. Nayeon’s cold attitude towards her group members

TWICE’s Nayeon was accused more than once of bad attitude towards her fellow members, with netizens supplying gifs in support of her rudeness. Short clips showed her pushing Dahyun‘s hand away, stealing the blanket from Sana and pushing Mina, among others.

However, longer clips of these instances show Nayeon was dropping Dahyun’s hand to start a mission; taking the blanket from Sana because they were being rushed out of their seats; and pushing Mina back in order to hold her hand!


4. RM and Bobby’s feud

The apparent friction between these two stars dates back to 2014 when iKON‘s Bobby released a song that was allegedly aimed at BTS‘s RM (then known as Rap Monster).

In his track “Come Here”, Bobby raps:

Call me a monster, I didn’t give that name to myself, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass when it comes to skills and looks.

— Bobby

Many believed that Bobby’s references to “a monster” and “bulletproof glass,” were aimed at RM because of his then stage name and BTS’s Korean name, “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”.

At the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards, RM recited Bobby’s verse and changed it up a bit, using the verse “Put your guard up and follow me rapper tone, deaf rapper” from Bobby’s track. RM later released a statement explaining the so-called feud was just friendly rivalry between two rappers.

Rappers can express what they want to say through rap. They also compare the feelings that they feel at the time and melt it down well. At that time, I also just filled my thoughts or feelings into the song. If it was a diss, I would’ve said more offensive and direct words.

— RM

According to RM, the two met after the award show and exchanged friendly high fives, and BTS members were seen dancing along to iKON’s songs at an award show, but some fans still think there is some lingering rudeness in their interaction with each other.


5. MOMOLAND’s Nancy frowning at BLACKPINK’s acceptance speech

MOMOLAND‘s Nancy didn’t smile as she listened to BLACKPINK’s Music Core acceptance speech earlier this year, and netizens took it as a display of her feelings towards the BLACKPINK members, calling her jealous and rude. However, others jumped to her defense, saying she was tired and has RBF – and not only that, she did smile and clap both before and after their speech.


6. Joy’s bullying of Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Joy was seen to be bullying Seulgi during a live broadcast when she allegedly did whatever she could to make sure she got the spotlight. Yeri and Joy were both seen moving in front of Seulgi and shifting the camera so that Seulgi was cut from the shot multiple times – but it was just a case of the two young girls getting overly excited and not paying attention to their surroundings. There were a few instances when Joy tried to move the camera so that all the members were in the shot.


7. SanE shocked Irene when sticking his tongue out

SanE and Irene were MC’s at the 2017 Korea-Vietnam Friendship Concert. During the event, Irene was practicing some of her lines and was shocked when San-E playfully put his arm on her shoulder and stuck his tongue out at a fan. She jumped and looked surprised but ended up laughing; however, fans were furious at his “rude” behavior towards her, since it was an unsolicited touch and his actions “taunted fans”. The comments got so bad that San-E’s agency Brand New Music released a statement, saying, “It’s not a big problem.”


8. Eunji stole the microphone from other singers

Apink‘s Eunji received major backlash after she appeared on Challenge 1000 Songs. During the episode, she battled other celebs for the microphone and even yanked it out of Olympic medalist Cho Jun Ho‘s hands. Even though the other celebrities were laughing and smiling at her antics, she later apologized for her behavior due to netizen response.