9 Female K-Pop Idols Who Were Once Body Shamed By Netizens

Netizens need to stop judging idols like this.

All K-Pop idols are beautiful, as all of them have unique traits about themselves. Yet, netizens choose to frequently critique idols over everything, such as weight. Netizens have harshly criticized idols many times for their weight, especially female idols. Here are some female idols who had to deal with these kinds of netizens.

1. Kyla (Former member of PRISTIN)

Many netizens attacked Kyla during her days in PRISTIN, as they thought she was gaining too much weight.

2. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Most of the Red Velvet members once got harshly mocked by netizens, as they thought they were overweight. Wendy was the member who received the most attacks, as netizens attacked her for gaining too much weight.

3. Jimin (AOA)

Jimin was recently attacked by netizens when she uploaded a photo of herself. They commented on how she was too skinny and looked almost like an elementary school student.

4. Umji (GFRIEND)

Umji has been dealing with netizens since her debut, as they’ve constantly made rude comments about her weight.

5. CL (Former member of 2NE1)

Netizens bashed CL when it looked like she had gained some weight.

6. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Hwasa once commented that she didn’t take special care of her weight and that she eats normally. This harmless comment caused netizens to bash Hwasa for her weight, as they started judging her figure.

7. Mina (gugudan)

During her days on Produce 101, netizens bashed Mina for being overweight. This caused Mina to stress and do a dangerous starvation diet.

8. Baby Soul (Lovelyz) 

Baby Soul wasn’t criticized so much for her weight by netizens, but they bashed her visuals. Many netizens left harsh comments, saying she looked average and didn’t look like an idol.

9. Jihyo (TWICE)

Jihyo was not only bashed by netizens during her days on SIXTEEN but was also body-shamed by a photographer.

Hopefully, these idols didn’t give any attention to these netizens and know that they are loved and supported by many fans around the world, who care about their happiness and health more than anything.

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