9 Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About BTS

We’ve seen BTS-related rumors spread like wildfire, but most turn out false.

During their five years since debut, BTS members have not been involved in too many rumors and fans are grateful. There are, however, some rumors that have brought unexpected attention to the group.


1. Suga & Suran’s Dating Rumors

In March 2018, Suga and Suran became involved in a dating rumor after fans suspected the two artists’ Instagram posts to be hinting at their relationship. The dating rumors were shot down by Big Hit Entertainment, then confirmed untrue by Suran herself. She uploaded an Instagram statement after receiving a tremendous amount of hate regarding the dating news.


2. Jungkook’s Multiple Dating Rumors

Over the years, fans have speculated Jungkook to be involved in romantic relationships with several K-Pop female idols, including GFRIEND‘s SinB, Lovelyz‘s Yein, TWICE‘s Nayeon, and more. While none of these have concrete evidence, nor confirmation from the stars themselves, the rumors ran wild among fans.


3. Jin & Lee Guk Joo’s Dating Rumors

Comedian Lee Guk Joo appeared on Radio Star and cleared up the dating rumors she had with Jin.

“My ex-boyfriend was six years younger than I am. When Jo Se Ho, who has actually never seen my ex, jokingly said that I dated a good-looking idol trainee, Jin became the target for some reason. Jin and I are good friends. We’ve been friends for over four years.” — Lee Guk Joo


4. Jimin & Seulgi Dating Rumors

Fans grew suspicious that Jimin was dating Red Velvet’s Seulgi and put together a massive list of “hints” that the two have been dropping. Of course, A.R.M.Y stepped up to prove how each piece of “evidence” was only a coincidence or a manipulation and the two idols are not dating. While neither party has made statements about the scandal, fans are no longer convinced the rumor is true.


5. V & Red Velvet Dating Rumors

According to rumors, V was involved in romantic relationships with three of Red Velvet’s members; Irene, Joy, and Wendy. From GIFs blown out of perspective, to terribly photoshopped pictures, netizens found some way to try and circulate rumors of V dating a Red Velvet member. None of the rumors have significant support or evidence to be even considered serious.


6. J-Hope’s Nose Job Rumors

While plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of, things are a little different in the K-Pop world. So, for J-Hope, his extremely straight and prominent nose meant an inevitable suspicion of cosmetic surgery. Only when J-Hope’s high school photos began to circulate, showing that he’s always had the same fine, straight nose, did rumors of his plastic surgery let up.


7. Jungkook’s Self-Harm Rumors

When this particular photo of Jungkook from the 2017 KBS Song Festival began circulating online, some netizens claimed that he had been harming himself by cutting his wristsw. As fans were about to become extremely concerned, an A.R.M.Y destroyed the allegation by proving his wrist was clean earlier the same night.


8. BTS vs. Demi Lovato Rumors

When BTS became the first K-Pop idol group to perform at the American Music Awards in 2017, some tweets quoted the American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato saying BTS doesn’t deserve to be at the awards. She was accused of saying, “I think that this is the AMERICAN music awards, and we should only celebrate AMERICAN artists tonight. Is there even going to be a translator? At the end of the day, we celebrate American artists and I feel like #BTS doesn’t deserve the spotlight tonight.” It turned out the tweets were fake and Demi Lovato hadn’t even arrived at the awards when the tweets quoted her saying this. BTS was later spotted rocking out to Demi Lovato’s performance. Now Demi Lovato and BTS shoot each other tweets, driving the fans absolutely crazy.


9. “Sajaegi (사재기, chart manipulation)” Rumors

As BTS’s “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1” album sales spiked over 8,000 copies in 30 minutes, suspicion grew that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment are involved in a chart manipulation scheme. The accusation that Big Hit Entertainment was practicing “Sajaegi (사재기, the act of manipulating music chart rankings, usually by artificially inflating album sales numbers by purchasing [or outsourcing the purchase of] large volumes of albums)” was taken to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation. The case was closed after the prosecutor’s office concluded there was not enough evidence to confirm that there was any manipulation at all. Despite these findings , this rumor persists among some anti-fans.

Source: Newsen, Joins and Korea Herald