9 K-Pop Idols Who Spoke On What’s It Like Dealing With A Group Disbandment

Numbers 1 and 7 are just heartbreaking.

The disbandment of a K-Pop group can be quite a tough experience for the respective members of the group. Many K-Pop idols have come out and spoken on what it’s like dealing with group disbandment. Here’s a list of a few K-Pop idols who have shared how tough it can be dealing with their group disbanding.

1. Kyungri (Former member of 9MUSES)

Kyungri has revealed in an interview how she felt when the group she had been a part of for nearly a decade decided to disband. She revealed that 9MUSES’s disbandment was a sudden thing, and not something that the members agreed upon.

By that point, I’d been a part of 9MUSES for about 7-8 years. But it was totally out of the blue that the team disbanded… We had an album ready to release too, but that ultimately got canceled. Just like that, we were told that the group is no longer together.

— Kyungri

Kyungri was completely heartbroken once the news came. Even though Kyungri tried to get back on her feet and continue with her career, she found it difficult due to how heartbroken she was.

At first, I felt like I needed to be doing things. So even without an agency, I tried to go about my schedules and stuff. But… I realized my heart felt broken all the same. I didn’t feel any better. That’s why I decided to drop everything. For a couple of months, I stopped. I didn’t want to keep working with that sadness in my heart.

— Kyungri 

2. Daehwi (Former member of WANNA ONE)

Before his debut with AB6IX, Daehwi was a member of WANNA ONE. After WANNA ONE disbanded, Daehwi admitted that he felt lost and empty.

3. Minzy & Dara (Former members of 2NE1)


2NE1 was a group that disbanded seemingly out of nowhere, and it had quite an effect on the members. Member Dara is someone who took the disbandment quite harshly, and it affected her for many years.

Minzy left the group before they officially disbanded due to health reasons. However, some netizens made fake rumors about her departure, even calling her a traitor, which affected Minzy greatly.

When I left the group, people said I betrayed the group and started spreading rumors. They spread fake news. That was the hardest part for me.

I was only around 22-years-old. That’s why I didn’t look at news reports [and comments] for a while. It was too much for me to handle.

— Minzy

4. Soyou (Former member of SISTAR)

Soyou has spoken in the past on how SISTAR’s disbandment took quite a toll on her, as she felt lonely without the members, and found it more difficult finding jobs.

5. Jiyoon (Former member of 4Minute)

When 4Minute disbanded in 2016, it was quite shocking for the members. Member Jiyoon even spoke on how she didn’t want to believe it, and how she would even watch old videos of 4Minute to reminisce about the old days.

“Sometimes I will re-watch videos from during my 4MINUTE promotions and I get a feeling of nostalgia.”

— Jeon Jiyoon

6. Somi (Former member of I.O.I)

Before her solo debut, Somi was a member of I.O.I. After I.O.I disbanded, Somi revealed that it was tough having to leave her fellow members, as they were a huge part of her life. She also revealed that it was difficult watching the other members’ debut, while her debut got constantly delayed.

I did cry, to be honest. But I pulled through it.

— Somi

7. Minkyeung (Former member of PRISTIN)

Before her debut with HINAPIA, Minkyeung was a member of PRISTIN. It’s quite well known that PRISTIN was severely mistreated by Pledis Entertainment, which led to their eventual disbandment. When PRISTIN disbanded, Minkyeung felt that her whole world collapsed, and she didn’t even want to be awake during that time.

8. Dohyon (Former member of X1)

X1 was only active for around 5 months before they disbanded due to the Produce scandal. Member Dohyon has revealed that the disbandment affected him quite a bit. During an interview, Dohyon was asked if there was a recent situation where he cried, but nobody knew about it. He responded with a heartbreaking answer.

Source: Pann

Usually, even if it’s difficult, I never cry. However, I did have a difficult time when X1 disbanded, I cried during that time.

— Dohyon

Extra: Nara (Former member of Hello Venus)

Hello Venus debuted in 2012 and ended up disbanding in 2019. Just a year before they officially disbanded, member Nara spoke on how difficult it was dealing with constant hiatuses, and how she would miss the members whenever she had solo activities.

Source: Pann