9 Times Netizens Kicked Serious Butt To Defend K-Pop Idols

These are heartwarming.

Netizens are known to be quite harsh on K-Pop idols, as some of them have gotten criticized for ridiculous reasons. However, there have also been plenty of moments when netizens decided to stand up for idols. Here’s a list of some moments when netizens defended K-Pop idols.

1. Defending Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon from plastic surgery rumors

When Taeyeon made her solo debut in 2015, there were some accusations made that Taeyeon had gotten double eyelid surgery.

Some netizens decided to defend Taeyeon from these accusations, saying that it looked like she just had some tape to create a double eyelid illusion. Netizens also stated that Taeyeon would have had no time for such a surgery, as her solo debut made her extremely busy. They also explained that it would take at least four days for the stitching to come out and at least two months for the swelling to come down completely.

2. Defending MOMOLAND’s JooE from malicious comments

JooE once uploaded a screenshot of a message she received from a malicious commenter.

| @j_oo.e_0en/Instagram

After netizens saw this, they decided to stand up for JooE and shower her with some positive messages.

3. Defending EXO Sehun’s singing

An anti-fan once decided to attack Sehun with comments criticizing his singing.

I really don’t know why he is holding a mic when he doesn’t even sing. He should just dance ^^…

— Sehun anti-fan

Netizens and fans soon came to Sehun’s defense, stating that the anti-fan should just mind her own business.

4. Defending Oh My Girl Arin’s visuals

When Oh My Girl were rookies, Arin received quite a bit of harsh comments from malicious netizens, as they would constantly criticize her visuals. It got to the point where some netizens decided to stand up for her and started posting several photos of Arin that displayed her beauty.

5. Defending IU from double standards

IU once got criticized after netizens accused her of using a lolita concept for her album “Chat-Shire”.

However, some netizens defended IU from these criticisms, as actor Park Bo Gum was praised by fans for using a similar concept. Netizens ended up criticizing the double standards in the Korean entertainment industry.

6. Defending Girl’s Day’s Minah from weight gain accusations

An article once got posted by Ilgan Sports titled “Bang Minah looking chubbier”. Netizens weren’t too fond of this title, as they defended Minah, saying that the angle of the photo made Minah look larger. Other netizens argued that even though she looked to have gained some weight, she still looked amazing.

7. Defending EXID’s Hani from reporters

When Hani was in a relationship with JYJ‘s Junsu, she gained a lot of attention from media outlets. When Hani was seen at an airport looking less energetic, some reporters posted pictures with titles like, “Did she fight with Junsu?”.

Netizens were quick to defend Hani, as they felt that the reporters were being ridiculous with their titles.

8. Defending Lovelyz’s status

Lovelyz got some criticism during their earlier days, as some people would compare them to groups like GFRIEND and TWICE. This led to a lot of netizens coming to defend Lovelyz, highlighting their accomplishments.

9. Defending MAMAMOO Hwasa’s outfit

When Hwasa showed up to an airport braless, some malicious commenters criticized her. There was also an immense amount of support from Korean women.