4 Stories From BLACKPINK Lisa’s Trainee Days That All BLINKs Need To Hear

“And the members mentioned that Lisa aced everything back when they were trainees.”

Throughout the years, many stories have been shared about BLACKPINK‘s Lisa from her trainee days, with some being heartwarming and some being more heartbreaking.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa when she was a trainee | YG Entertainment

Here are 4 stories from Lisa’s trainee days that all BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) need to hear.

1. The members helped Lisa a lot when she became a trainee


When Lisa became a trainee and moved from Thailand to South Korea, she experienced some difficulties. Lisa admitted that she was overwhelmed with homesickness the first few months as a trainee and that she would often call her mother and cry.

Thankfully, Lisa was able to adjust quickly, and a lot of this was thanks to the BLACKPINK members. The members would always interact with Lisa and ask if she wanted to go out with them.

While Lisa still does miss her parents, being with the members helps make it more endurable.

2. Lisa was BLACKPINK’s knight in shining armor at their old dorm


In 24/365 With BLACKPINK, the BLACKPINK members revealed that they struggled a lot when they were trainees. The members barely had any money for food, and their old dorm was infested with insects.

We even once lived with cockroaches!

— Jennie

Lisa was the one who usually caught these bugs, as the other members were too scared.

We couldn’t even go near her, and we were just like, ‘Good job, Lisa.’ But she was like, “Um, what should I do with this?’ We eventually let it out with a piece of paper.

— Jisoo

3. Lisa aced everything as a trainee


Caroline Suh, the director of BLACKPINK’s Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, shared that Lisa has a bright personality and that her fellow members appreciate her greatly.

Lisa’s personality is amazing. All the members appreciated Lisa, and they all lit up when talking about Lisa. Lisa seemed to be someone who makes everyone feel good.

— Caroline Suh

Caroline Suh | HanCinema

The BLACKPINK members also told Caroline Suh that Lisa would ace everything back when they were trainees.

And the members mentioned that Lisa aced everything back when they were trainees. She’s humorous, and she knows how not to take herself too seriously. So even after having become a huge star, she likes to joke around. She has one chill personality.

— Caroline Suh

4. Lisa was once “stuck in the basement” of YG Entertainment


In an episode of Youth With You 3, vocal mentor Li Ronghao asked what everyone was doing at 18 years old, and Lisa gave an honest answer.

When I was 18? Actually, I debuted when I was 20. So when I was 18, I was stuck in the basement of the company, practicing, practicing.

— Lisa

Lisa also shared that she had doubts about her debut and contemplated going back home to Thailand.

I was thinking, like, should I go back to school? Should I go back to Thailand?

— Lisa

Lisa, however, chose to keep going and eventually was able to make her debut as a member of BLACKPINK!

But yeah, I didn’t go back. And I kept practicing until I debuted.

— Lisa


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