5 Things We Love About BLACKPINK’s Rosé In Celebration Of Her 5th Year Anniversary

It’s been 5 years #SinceWeMetROSÉ.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé was announced as the fourth member of the group on June 22, 2016. Five years later, she’s on top of the K-Pop world and the apple of everyone’s eyes.


In celebration of this milestone, here are five things we love about Rosé!

1. Her Voice

First up, her voice is one of a kind! Ever since her debut, she was praised for having a unique vocal color that is easily distinguishable.

She can reach every high note effortlessly and sing with full emotion each time. The two songs in her solo debut album, R, proved that she was born to be a singer.

Needless to say, her dancing and stage presence are also one hundred percent praise–worthy!

2. Her Acting

Rosé may be a singer first and foremost, but she’s also a capable actress. From the car scene in “Kill This Love”…

…to the bathtub crying scene in “Lovesick Girls,” she can do anything she sets out for herself.

She’s not afraid to take a few risks when making music videos either, filming alongside fireworks and fires in order to get the best shots.

3. Her Love For Food

Rosé may be one of the biggest celebrities around, but she’s totally relatable! Her love for food is the same as the rest of us.

When BLACKPINK played a game where they needed to eat without getting caught, she seemed to have more fun fixing up her noodles than winning the round.

Moreover, while some members picked sleep over food as their priority, she knew that food was number one in her heart.

4. Her Love For Music

Even stronger than her love for food is her love for music. She revealed in BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky that she actually misses her trainee life because she had the time to sing and play instruments.

Sometimes I actually miss my trainee days because back then we were surrounded by music all the time. But these days we’ve got a lot of work, so I actually have to make time for this. That’s why it’s always at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

— Rosé

Even as a child, she was musically-inclined. Luckily, she had the full support of her parents who pushed her to audition for YG Entertainment.

5. Her Personality

Last but certainly not the least, Rosé has a loving and sensitive personality. She’s a family–oriented, animal–loving, and simple girl who stays true to her roots.

Rosé with her adopted dog, Hank | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

She always appreciates BLINKs just as much as they love her.

Thank goodness Rosé made her debut with BLACKPINK!


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