5 New Things We’ve Learned About BLACKPINK’s Rosé In 2021

Rosé once got caught trying to hide her junk food when she was a trainee!

2021 has been a big year for BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, as she made her solo debut. This year has also been filled with new information about Rosé. Here are 5 things we’ve learned about Rosé in 2021.

1. Rosé’s “annoying habit


In a hilarious over-the-phone interview, Rosé’s sister, Alice, answered various questions about Rosé. One of the things she got asked was if Rosé has any “annoying habits,” and Alice said that Rosé has a habit of “clicking her knuckles.”

Rosé couldn’t help but laugh after Alice said this, and she knew exactly what Alice was talking about. Rosé then explained that she has a habit of clicking her thumbs. According to Alice, Rosé’s habit of clicking her thumbs “annoys the person sitting next to her.” Alice especially finds this habit “annoying.” 

Rosé knows this habit can be “annoying,” and if she is with someone she is close to, such as Alice, she will sometimes playfully click her thumbs on purpose!

2. How Rosé got her name

Rosé recently launched her own YouTube channel, and in her first video, she shared some stories regarding her past. One thing she spoke about was how she got her name, Roseanne. Rosé revealed that her father stumbled upon the name in a book and thought it sounded really nice, and the rest is history!

I was born in New Zealand, so I needed an English name. My parents apparently bought a name book. I think it was my dad who looked through it. So they were searching through names, and he came across the name ‘Roseanne.’ I think my dad found that name to be really nice, so he chose it. I’m gonna have to ask him again, but from my memory, that’s how they decided on that name.

— Rosé

3. Rosé once tried to hide junk food when she was a trainee

Rosé is quite a foodie, and in an episode of My Little Old Boy, she spoke about the time when she tried to hide junk food when she was a trainee. Rosé shared that she wasn’t allowed to have junk food when she was a trainee, but this didn’t stop her as she once emptied her pillowcase and filled it with junk food!

While Rosé originally thought this was a good plan, she got caught when a staff member came to clean her room and happened to touch her pillowcase! The staff member heard the snack bags’ crumpling sounds, and Rosé’s junk food got taken away!

4. Rosé once lost her passion for music

In Rosé’s first YouTube video, she revealed that she once lost her passion for music, which is something she had loved since she started playing the piano as a child.

I think at one point, I didn’t even enjoy listening to music.

— Rosé

Not only that, but Rosé’s self-confidence took a hit.

For a good couple of years… to have talent in music, to have talent in singing, I kept thinking about what it truly means.

— Rosé

However, as time passed, Rosé started remembering why she loved music initially, and she started ignoring the doubts she had.

I’ve gone through many different things in life, and through this experience, I realized the most important thing in music is to portray my life experiences and stories and make a voice.

— Rosé

5. Rosé once cried because of bean sprouts

Rosé is easily brought to tears, and in an episode of My Little Old Boy, she revealed that she once cried because of some bean sprouts she ate in Thailand. When Rosé ate these bean sprouts, she was amazed by how crunchy and fresh they were, and she started tearing up since they were so delicious!

I couldn’t stop my tears from running down because those bean sprouts were just too good.

— Rosé