8 Of The Best Pieces Of Advice BTS Gave Their Juniors

Wisdom from the Kings of K-Pop.

Like all stars, BTS began their journey as rookies. Through trials and triumphs, they gained knowledge that they are now passing on to the next generation of idols. Here are 8 important pieces of advice they gave their juniors.

1. The importance of teamwork

In an interview with FilmibeatTXT‘s Taehyun revealed which words of BTS’s advice have impacted his group the most since their 2019 debut. He said it’s all about having “strong teamwork.”

Taehyun | Weverse

[BTS] gave us a lot of great advice, but the ones they emphasized were the importance of strong teamwork, and the importance of always doing our best when performing because the stage is the one place where we can wholly show everything.

As we continue to come together and rely on each other, our genuine bond and brotherhood helps us share even better performances and music with the world.

— Taehyun

2. Remembering your roots

On the K-Pop competition show I-LANDBTS gave advice to all the trainees, some of whom went on to debut in ENHYPENJ-Hope advised the trainees to always stay true to their beginnings and never forget the passion that led them to K-Pop.

J-Hope | Weverse

I hope you never forget the essential, and your beginnings, and what you’ve dreamed of, what you’ve surrendered to be here, and what you should try harder [to do] to become a better idol. You must love music, and try hard and be passionate for performances. With that, I’m sure you’ll shine even more.

— J-Hope

3. Stay humble

Jimin advised the I-LAND trainees to stay humble. He told them to remember the people who helped them reach their dreams.


I don’t know if I’m in the position to give advice, but something to think on is never forget your fans, and love your members, and your job. I’m sure you’ll have a good outcome. I’ll cheer you on.

— Jimin

4. Feeling defeated

At the showcase for their new album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, TXT’s Soobin shared a piece of good advice BTS’s J-Hope shared with them.

J-Hope | HYBE

[BTS] always cheers us on and looks after us.

Out of the [many supportive messages], J-Hope’s advice stuck with us. He advised us to not feel defeated by any situation and make sure to show everyone our all.

— Soobin

5. Hold on to your passion

On I-LAND, one particular trainee caught Jungkook‘s eye: Jungwon, who is now the leader of ENHYPEN. He praised Jungwon’s performance and expressed the importance that passion plays in success.


That was a good performance. In the beginning, I couldn’t see who would stand out, but Jungwon? I thought you were good. You impressed me…

And for me, so far, I reached here with passion, so I hope that you never forget what you feel now and go on as your team name indicates.

— Jungkook

6. Hone your musicality

In a 2019 interview with Teen Vogue, TXT’s Huening Kai said that BTS encouraged his group to listen to a variety of music in order to expand their own musicality.

Huening Kai | HYBE/Facebook

They recommended lots of good songs to us from different genres, especially R&B and hip-hop

— Huening Kai

7. Embrace your embarrassing moments

From stage accidents to off-stage slip-ups, BTS have had their fair share of embarrassing moments. Rather than regretting it, they’ve learned how to laugh about it. On I-LANDJin advised the trainees not to sweat the small stuff.

Jin | HYBE/Facebook

Don’t get stressed. Enjoy it. You just need to enjoy it.

— Jin

8. How to be a good leader

RM has over eight years of experience as BTS’s leader, and now he’s passing on his wisdom to ENHYPEN’s Jungwon. Jungwon revealed that RM’s advice helped him get through a difficult time.

RM | Weverse

When I was going through a rough patch, RM sunbae-nim told me that ‘a leader is someone who pushes from behind the team, not pull from the front.’ That really stuck with me, because I found it super impressive. It has been engraved in my head since.

— Jungwon

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