3 Times BTS Got Savagely Teased By ARMYs And Took It Like Champions

ARMYs once brought up Jimin’s “embarrassing past.”

BTS and ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) have a great relationship, and there have been many moments where they have playfully teased each other! Here are 3 moments where ARMYs teased BTS.

1. Teasing RM about losing his AirPods

RM can be quite forgetful, and he once shared that he lost 33 pairs of Apple AirPods!


On Weverse, an ARMY decided to be a little playful!

I found AirPods on the street… Is it you, RM-oppa?


| Weverse

V saw this savage comment, and he couldn’t help but reply in laughter!

| Weverse

2. Bringing up Jimin’s “embarrassing past”

Jimin turned his cap to the side in a live broadcast to stop the brim from shadowing his face.

ARMYs later commented that Jimin looked like himself from BTS’s early days!

BTS’s Jimin in 2013

Jimin began laughing and shyly asked ARMYs to “let go” of this memory and said that he’s “embarrassed” by his past!

3. Teasing BTS about a dance move

On Weverse, an ARMY left a playful comment about the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” choreography!

The ARMY posted a GIF with the caption, “The once-popular, wallet-finding oppas.“

| Weverse

Suga saw this comment, and he decided to go along with the joke!

[The wallet] was in the back pocket…^^

— Suga

| Weverse


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