ARMY Teased BTS About This Dance Move, Here’s How Suga Responded

Suga went along with this joke.

BTS‘s Suga is one of a kind, and so is his sense of humor.


So far, Suga has been spending most of his vacation in private, but every so often he pops in to see what ARMY is up to online.


On August 29, a fan had a little fun at the expense of this “Blood, Sweat & Tears” choreography.


A gif of it was posted on Weverse with the caption, “the once-popular, wallet-finding oppas“. Without context, it really does look like the members are patting themselves down to find their wallets!


Unlike Jin, who is forever trolling fans with his posts, Suga went along with the joke this time.

[The wallet] was in the back pocket…^^

— Suga


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