Here’s How Much Each BTS Member Has Grown In the Past 5 Years

They’ve come so far.

BTS made their debut in June 2013, and have experienced more in the last 5 years than some people do in a lifetime. From rookies to superstars, here’s how much each of the members has changed along the way.


1. RM

BTS’s leader debuted with the stage name “Rap Monster” and a look heavily inspired by hip-hop fashion. In many of BTS’s early music videos and live stages, RM’s permed hair and dark sunglasses made him stand out.


Flashforward to 2018 and RM looks like a completely different person. He has ditched the perm, undergone a variety of dye jobs, and has traded in his sunglasses for sophisticated specs.


In addition to his look, RM changed his stage name from “Rap Monster” to “RM” because he no longer felt that his original stage name suited his musical goals.

BTS Rap Monster Officially Changes His Stage Name


Since debuting, RM has released two mixtapes. The first, RM, dropped in 2015. This blood-pumping hip-hop album features hits like “Do You” and “Joke”.


His second mixtape, mono, was released three years later, in October 2018. This mixtape is much softer and more introspective than RM, and it reflects just how much RM has grown as an artist and a person.


According to the Korea Music Copyright Association, RM has more than 100 songs to his name. In addition to his mixtapes’ tracks, RM’s credits include BTS’s “Run”, “IDOL”, “Spring Day”, and many more.


Although every idol group leader bears the weight of responsibility, BTS’s global popularity has led RM to become both a representative for BTS and a global ambassador for Korea. As his group’s leader and translator, RM is usually the member who is in charge of making speeches, such as the one he made at the United Nations.


He and his fellow members recently became the youngest recipients in history to receive an Order of Cultural Merit at the Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards.


2. Jin

It’s hard to imagine today’s Jin as a brooding tough guy, but that was the image he debuted with in “No More Dream.”


Nowadays, Jin is known just as much for his worldwide handsomeness as he is for his punny jokes and optimistic personality.


When Jin started out, he wasn’t considered one of BTS’s best dancers and often danced at the back during BTS’s challenging choreographies.


In the beginning, Jin also wasn’t given many vocal lines and, like other members of BTS’s vocal line, he tried his hand at rapping in songs like “Bulletproof Pt. 2”.


Over the last five years, Jin has worked tirelessly to improve his dancing skills, and BTS considers him to be one of their hardest working members.


Jin rarely raps these days, but solo songs like “Epiphany” have given his gorgeous vocals the chance to shine.


3. Suga

Suga debuted with a sporty, hip-hop look that highlighted his basketball prowess and his cool personality.


Like his members, Suga has tried out countless hair colours and clothing styles, but fans are loving the chic suits and snazzy outfits he has been wearing in 2018.


According to the Korea Music Copyright Association, Suga has nearly 80 songs credited to him, including the songs on his 2016 mixtape Agust D. 


Agust D explored serious mental health topics, including Suga’s personal struggles with depression and social anxiety. Over the years, his willingness to speak candidly about these issues has helped many fans with their own struggles.


Although Suga’s musical role within BTS hasn’t changed much since 2013, recent solo songs like “Seesaw” have given fans a taste of this rapper’s vocal abilities.


Suga’s composition skills have also been recognized in recent years. He won the “Hot Trend Award” for “Wine”, a song he composed for Suran in 2017.


4. J-Hope

Out of all the members, J-Hope has undergone one of the most drastic image changes, in regards to his on-stage persona. J-Hope debuted with a fierce, unapproachable look and even wore a spiky mask that hid the smile fans know and love.


Now, J-Hope is a ball of sunshine, who never fails to lighten up the room. He introduces himself as ARMY’s hope and angel, and has brightened the lives of millions with his enthusiastic charms.


J-Hope has always been one of BTS’s dance and rap masters, but he seems to be getting even more incredible with each comeback.


So far J-Hope has released one mixtape, and it showcases his unique artistry. Hope World dropped in March 2018. It features memorable hits like “Daydream” and “Airplane”.


Like RM and Suga, J-Hope has an astounding number of songs credited to him. At the time Instiz released their list of music copyrights, back in October, J-Hope had 78 songs to his name. Fans can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for them in the future!


5. Jimin

Jimin debuted in “No More Dream” with an image that emphasized his athletic, badass side, rather than his mochi side.


Today, Jimin’s duality gives ARMY heart attacks on the daily. On stage, he can be sexy and fierce, but off-stage he is well-known for being a lovable sweetheart.


Jimin started off as the member responsible for most of BTS’s tricking, and he performed jaw-dropping stunts in early choreographies like “Bulletproof Pt. 2”.


Since then, Jimin has had the opportunity to show off his wide range of dancing skills, like in his solo song, “Serendipity”.


One of the biggest changes ARMYs have noticed between 2013 Jimin and 2018 Jimin is confidence.


Jimin has had to overcome insecurities with his body image and his musical abilities in order to become the person he is today. In learning to love himself, Jimin has helped millions of ARMYs to love themselves too.


6. V

debuted in “No More Dream” with a rebellious vibe that made him seem like the ultimate bad boy.


Fans now know that there’s a huge difference between V’s early on-stage persona and his true personality. 2018 V is bubbly, cheerful, and loves ARMY just as much as he loves his members.


That said, V is still a master at switching between his two sides in the blink of an eye!


V has worked tirelessly to become the superstar he is today and has blown fans away with his soulful vocals…


…and his stellar photography!


V may love expensive brands like Gucci but, like his members, he hasn’t let his success go to his head. He is still just as humble and good to his fans now as he was in the beginning.


7. Jungkook

Jungkook debuted with BTS as a teenager, so it’s not surprising that he has gone through many changes over the years.


Fans watched BTS’s Golden Maknae grow up from a cute teen to a charismatic adult who turns heads whenever he walks into a room.


During BTS’s Burn the Stage documentary, Jungkook described himself as being a manifestation of all his members’ personalities because they have been such a big influence in his life.


Over the years, Jungkook has wowed fans with his singing, rapping, and dancing, but also his series of travel vlogs entitled Golden Closet Films.


The Golden Maknae is always picking up new skills and improving his current ones, including his English.


Jungkook recently sang with flawless pronunciation in BTS’s all-English collaboration with Steve Aoki, “Waste it on Me”.