9 Times BTS Did Things With Each Other That You Only Do With Your Family

#2 is pretty intimate! 😂

The BTS members are as close as real-life brothers. From cuddling to professing their love for each other, they act just like a blood-related family! Check out 9 times they showed just how close they are with each other.

1. Not letting each other yawn in peace

Any moment is the time to strike!

2. Drinking out of the same bottle

We are one in the same!

3. Giving each other massages at a moment’s notice

Now this is true love.

4. Imitating each other and being goofy during a serious moment

If you don’t do this, are you even related?

5. Laughing at each other instead of helping when they make a mistake

First: You laugh. Then: You make sure everything’s okay!

6. Not letting each other leave

You can’t go without me!

7. Shamelessly praising each other with no filter

Sometimes, you have to show that you’re each other’s number one fan!

8. Basically being all-around chaotic and matching each other’s energy

Bring on the slow dancing!

9. Cracking up hysterically during video calls

Nobody else understands all those inside jokes.