10+ BTS Music Video Heroines, And The Actresses Who Played Them

From models to trainees, these are the women who guested in BTS’s MVs.

Fans are often curious about the actresses who appear in BTS‘s music videos. Here are 10+ beautiful women who have made guest appearances so far!


1. J-Hope’s love interest/Jimin’s crush – “Highlight Reel” MV

Predebut Ryujin danced with J-Hope in this MV, and she is now a member of ITZY.


2. Jungkook’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV

Yuna played the girl Jungkook met in the hospital. She is now a member of ITZY.


3. V’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV

Predebut Bora played the beautiful but troubled thief in V‘s scene. She is now a member of Cherry Bullet.


4. Suga’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV

SM Entertainment rookie Park Jungyeon played the sassy, “no smoking for you” heroine who took away Suga’s lighter during his piano scene.


5. RM’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV

Oh Hanseol is the name of the girl who accidentally drops her belongings in RM‘s scene. She is a JYP Entertainment trainee.


6. Jin’s love interest – “Highlight Reel” MV

In this MV, predebut Yuju played the woman Jin crossed paths with at the train tracks. She is now a member of Cherry Bullet.


7. The School Girl –  “Boy in Luv”

Model and actress Go Sohyun appeared in one of BTS’s earliest music videos as the girl everyone was crushing on. Since then, she has appeared in a number of other K-Pop artists’ MV, commercials, and more.


8. LA Party Girls  – “Boy In Luv” (LA Version)

Victoria, Jewel, and Christina, appeared with BTS in the LA version of “Boy In Luv”. Since then, Victoria has become a proud mother and is still modeling. Sadly, Jewel passed away in a car accident in 2014. Christina’s current whereabouts remain a mystery.


9. Baseball Hat Girl – “War of Hormone” MV

In this MV, Actress Han Ah Sun played the girl BTS tried to win over with their bad boy charms. Since then, she has continued to act and model.


10. The girls in “Beautiful” MV and “For You” MV

These two MV heroines remain a mystery, but…

…we’re hoping that they’re enjoying whatever they’re up to these days!