10 Incorrect Jimin “Facts” That New BTS Fans Used To Believe

These “facts” are true..but they could be?

On Twitter, ARMYs are trending the hashtag #ArmyConfessionTime to share the funniest misconceptions they had about BTS when they first started learning about the members. Here are 10 “incorrect facts” about Jimin!

1. He is dating Suga’s “sister”

Fact: Suga doesn’t have a sister, but he did dress up as “Min Yoonji” for a skit on Run BTS!

2. He’s the son of Bang Si Hyuk

Fact: Bang Si Hyuk takes amazing care of BTS, just like a father would, but he isn’t related to any of the members.

3. He is the maknae

Fact: Many new fans get confused about who the youngest member of BTS is. How could they not? Jimin looks like the maknae, Jin acts like the maknae, and Jungkook is the maknae!

4. He’s Suga’s “twin”

Fact: Jimin and Suga’s airport fashion has confused fans about who’s who several times!

5. He’s the most “innocent” member

Fact: Jimin has a wild side that ARMYs know and love!

6. Jimin has six backup dancers

Fact: Jimin shone during the “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, but these handsome “backup dancers” are his members.

7. His Weverse selfies are for you and you alone

Fact: We all wish this was true.

8. Jimin invented this dance move

Fact: He didn’t invent it, but he definitely made it his own!

9. Vmin is a BTS member

Fact: “Vmin” is a combination of V and Jimin’s names.

10. He’s a…doll?

Fact: This illusion was very convincing!

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