6 New Things We’ve Learned About BTS’s Jimin In 2021

New behind the scenes stories and fun facts.

We’re only halfway through 2021, but we’ve already learned several new things about BTS‘s Jimin. Check out these 6 new facts!

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1. He didn’t think he was a good dancer.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jimin revealed that he pursued dance purely out of love for it.

| Hong Jang Hyun/Rolling Stone

First of all, I never thought that I’m good at dancing. But I began to like dancing when I was young. It was my friends who suggested that we go learn how to dance as an after-school activity.

— Jimin

The more he danced, the more immersed he became. Dancing took his stress away and brought him joy.

As I did more of it, I began to like it more and I started taking more lessons. And I became more and more immersed in it. And I realized, as I continued to learn how to dance, that I didn’t have the stress when I was dancing.

— Jimin

2. He only slept for two hours a night as a trainee.

On tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, Jimin revealed that he hardly slept during his trainee days. He lived in a constant state of stress, fearing he wouldn’t make the cut, and he had to balance training with schooling. Out of all the members, Jimin would wake up earliest and go to bed latest.

I would practice until about 4 AM and wake up around 6:30 to go to school. It wasn’t hard for me back then.


3. He once fought with V over a bunk bed.

Jimin and have had their ups and downs, but those tough times made their friendship even stronger. On You Quiz On The Block, Jimin revealed that they got into a fight over a bunk bed, back when they were roommates with J-Hope.

| ARMY UNNIE SUBS/Dailymotion

Since J-Hope was the eldest, V and Jimin let him use the room’s regular bed. In the beginning, Jimin let V use the bottom bunk, but after about six months he wanted to switch. V refused!

| ARMY UNNIE SUBS/Dailymotion

Since the air conditioner was right by his face on the top bunk, Jimin had to deal with cold air blasting his face at night. Eventually, Jimin blew up and fought with V, but that’s all in the past now!

| ARMY UNNIE SUBS/Dailymotion

4. His number one treasure

On BTS’s special talk show, Let’s BTS, Jimin was asked what his current number one treasure is. It’s a birthday letter from his members!

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube  

5. Every single one of his dreams came true.

During ARMY Corner Store, a 2021 FESTA special, Jungkook asked his members if any of their wishes have come true. Jimin shocked everyone when he said, All my dreams came true.” Everything he wished for from his pre-trainee years until now has happened. 

I wanted to go to an arts school, and I went. I wanted to come to Seoul, and I took an audition, and I came. I wanted to debut, so I did, and I wanted to win, so I did.

— Jimin

6. His stage names

Jimin’s real name doubles as his stage name, but he was almost called Baby J and Baby G.

| The Tonight Show/Youtube

In the end, he went with his real name instead because Baby J sounded “really weird” to him.

| The Tonight Show/Youtube

But when I thought about saying, ‘Hi, I’m Baby J,’ that sounded really weird, so I just decided to go on with my real name.

— Jimin

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