7 New Things We’ve Learned About BTS’s Jungkook In 2021

New behind the scenes stories and fun facts.

We’re only halfway through 2021, but we’ve already learned several new things about BTS‘s Jungkook this year. Check out these 7 new facts!


1. The “ordinary life” events he missed out on

In a solo interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jungkook talked about stardom, the pandemic, BTS’s future, and more. When asked what he missed out on from an “ordinary life,” Jungkook mentioned his school days.

It’s true I couldn’t spend a lot of days at school, but I think I gained more than I lost. I sometimes felt envious of all my friends hanging out or going on a trip.

— Jungkook

Although he traded one way of life for another, Jungkook does not regret his choice. “Maybe those are the things that I missed,” he said. “But again, I think I gained more than I’ve lost.”

2. The reason why he struggled to record “Euphoria”

“Euphoria” is one of Jungkook’s most iconic solo songs, but it was a challenge to record it. In a “BE-hind Story” interview with J-Hope, he said, “I was lucky to have received the song ‘Euphoria’, but I think my voice at the time was somewhat in between my baby-like voice of the past and my current stable voice.” 

Jungkook filming for “Euphoria” MV.

“Euphoria” was released on August 24, 2018, as part of BTS’s compilation album LOVE YOURSELF: Answer. At the time, Jungkook was 20 going on 21 years old.

Jungkook revealed how much work he put into his vocalizations to capture that crossroads between youth and maturity.

At the time, I was thinking a lot about my vocalizations, so I really struggled when I recorded that song. And my voice at the time of the recording was kind of like my own… [. . .] There was this raw quality to it, and my feelings were fully expressed, and I put in so much effort into my voice.

— Jungkook

3. The reason why he writes songs about his own life

In his “BE-hind Story” interview, Jungkook comparing his songwriting process to drawing. Although he has many ideas, some ideas are easier to put down on the page than others.

I do have things in mind that I’d like to express, but I don’t have enough data accumulated. I have ideas, but can’t express it. Just like how you can’t draw. There are so many things inside your head, but you can’t draw it out. So there are so many things I’d like to try out and work on, but I can’t express it due to the lack of data.

— Jungkook

“What I can do now is talk about my own stories since their my own experiences and those are easy to express,” he said. As examples, Jungkook listed “Still With You” and “Stay,” two songs about his personal experiences with his members.

4. What he wants to write his future songs about

In the future, Jungkook hopes to branch out from writing autobiographical songs. Instead, he wants to try writing songs about fictional people and situations that listeners can relate to.

From now on, although sincere songs are also important, there are so many different types of people who think differently and come from different backgrounds. I want to become an artist who creates imaginary scenarios and situations with imaginary characters to tell different stories. That’s my ultimate motive.

— Jungkook

5. The song that represents his “true self”

During a Q&A game for Tokopedia, Jungkook asked his members to guess which song represents him best. Jin correctly guessed “My Time,” Jungkook’s solo track from MAP OF THE SOUL : 7. 

6. Cute and sexy or cute and handsome?

BTS’s members had to choose between the two options during a balance game with “Would you rather?” questions. Jungkook danced to the right, choosing “handsome and cute” over “cute and sexy.”

7. He likes facial piercings

Fans have known about Jungkook’s love for tattoos for years, but some were surprised to see his new eyebrow piercing. Jungkook started out with a fake piercing for the “Butter” music video…

Jungkook | HYBE Labels

…but he pierced his eyebrow for real not long after the video’s release.

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