4 Times BTS Members Wouldn’t Let Jimin Live And Teased Him About His Habits

V once spoke about Jimin’s “unique” shower habit.

The BTS members are always teasing each other, and one member who gets teased often is Jimin! Sometimes, the members tease Jimin about his habits. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Members teaching Jimin a “lesson” about being late

Jimin has a habit of being late, and the members even made a phrase because of it!

In an episode of BTS’s Bon Voyage, Jimin was late, and the members decided to “teach him a lesson.”

When they saw Jimin approaching their car, they asked the driver to start driving away! The driver did just that, and the members laughed as they saw Jimin running towards the car.

Jimin soon caught up, and the driver stopped. The members then asked Jimin if he “learned his lesson” about being late.


Jimin defended himself and said that he was using the bathroom, but the members jokingly wouldn’t open the door for him.


Jimin gave in and told them that he would fix his habit of being late, and the members let him in the car.

2. V speaking on Jimin’s shower habit

During the 2015 BTS FESTA, V decided to speak about one of Jimin’s shower habits!

BTS’s Jimin

It began when the members talked about how Jimin tends to leave his bags and bandannas on the floor.

V then shared that Jimin wears a bandana when he showers and always leaves them on the floor after he’s done showering!

The members laughed a bit and teased Jimin for this.

After getting teased, Jimin explained that he wears a bandana when showering because of neck pain.

3. Jungkook imitating Jimin

Jimin has a habit of sweeping his hair, and his members know this all too well.

Jungkook was once imitating Jimin, and he swept his hair back!

BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook took it a step further and did a “Jimin-like” gaze.

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Jungkook imitating him!

4. Suga teasing Jimin about his behavior during games

Jimin can sometimes adorably “complain” during games, and Suga is well aware of this!

In episode 86 of Run BTS!, Jimin was having a tough time in a game, and Suga decided to imitate how Jimin would act in the next game. Not only that, but Suga imitated Jimin when he searched for cards in a previous Run BTS! episode!

Jimin was at a loss for words!

The teasing didn’t stop there, as Suga and Jungkook continued teasing Jimin!