4 Times BTS’s Jimin Was Just Too Cute To Get Mad At

Jimin made the cutest “apologies!”

BTS‘s Jimin is beloved by people worldwide, and it’s seemingly impossible to get mad at him! Here are 4 times Jimin was just too cute to get mad at.

1. Suga quickly picking up Jimin’s “piano”

While Suga and Jimin often hilariously bicker with each other, they never get angry at each other!

BTS’s Suga (Left) & Jimin (Right)

One time, Jimin made a fake “piano” for Suga.

Suga accepted the gift and even “played” it for Jimin!

Suga then looked at his fingernails, and they were covered in marker paint! Suga was in “disbelief” and threw the “piano” onto the ground.

Suga, however, quickly picked up the “piano” and “played” it again!

2. Actress So Yoo Jin not minding Jimin not recognizing her

In episode 140 of Run BTS!, the members played a game called “Figure Quiz.” In this game, they had to name the celebrities shown to them quickly. Jimin had a tough time with this game, and one celebrity he failed to recognize quickly was actress So Yoo Jin.

Actress So Yoo Jin

The members teased Jimin and said that So Yoo Jin is chef Baek Jong Won‘s wife. Baek Jong Won has appeared in Run BTS! before, and he had a great time with the members!

Jimin defended himself and said that he watched many So Yoo Jin videos the morning before filming. He then adorably “apologized.”

So Yoo Jin saw this clip, and she told Jimin that it was okay that he didn’t recognize her!

It’s okay. ~~!!!
You don’t need to know me ~~ ㅎㅎ
I know you ♡
#BangtanTheBest #JiminJJang !! ^^

— So Yoo Jin

3. Suga’s response to Jimin being taller than him

Jimin has gotten teased many times for being the shortest member in the group, but he revealed in 2020 that he got taller! He shared that his height was recorded at 174 centimeters. Jimin was quite “excited” and said that he had caught up to Suga and that J-Hope was next!

So I caught up to Yoongi  (Suga’s real name) hyung’s height. Next is J-Hope! Get ready!

— Jimin

When Suga held a live broadcast, he was asked how he felt now that Jimin was taller than him. Suga shared that he wasn’t bothered at all and that he doesn’t care about his height.

When BTS was in their early days, Suga did wish he was taller. This has changed, as Suga now isn’t bothered by his height and ended by saying, “I just accepted it. Love Myself.”

4. Tottenham Hotspur F.C’s response to Jimin’s adorable “apology”

In episode 140 of Run BTS!, Jimin couldn’t quickly recognize soccer player Son Heung Min, and the members teased him a lot for this.

Soccer player Son Heung Min

Jimin was later hilariously gifted a Son Heung Min jersey, and he put it on and adorably “apologized” to Son Heung Min.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C., the club that Son Heung Min plays for, saw the clip, and they weren’t bothered at all!