5+ BTS Jungkook Fan Edits That Predicted The Future By Becoming Reality

No one could have expected #6 would actually become reality.

Although K-Pop fan edits are just a way for fans to bring some of their ideas to life, sometimes these edits unexpectedly end up “predicting the future.”

Here are six times fan edits of BTS‘s Jungkook became a reality.

1. Jungkook’s tattoos

Jungkook has been talking about wanting tattoos for years, so it’s no surprise that fans have often given him bold tattoos in edits.

Fan edit | @jvngkku/Twitter

But there’s no denying that once Jungkook got the tattoos he’s wanted for so long, they’re even better than fans imagined.

| @GirlWithLuv_24/Twitter

2. Jungkook’s long hair

Fans have always been obsessed with Jungkook’s long hair… Even before he had it.

Fan edit | @mainpopboyjjk_/Twitter

But even the best edits couldn’t have prepared fans for just how handsome Jungkook would look with the style.

| @mainpopboyjjk_/Twitter

3. Jungkook’s every hair color

If Jungkook has dyed his hair a new color, fans already had predicted it with an edit.

Fan edit | @jeonphorism/Twitter
| @jeonphorism/Twitter


So if ARMY wants to see Jungkook try another color in the future, they seem to only need to make edits to “manifest” the color.

Fan edit | @jeonphorism/Twitter
| @jeonphorism/Twitter

4. Jungkook meeting Ariana Grande

Before the two global artists interacted, fans had already made edits of the two meeting.

Fan edit

But even when they finally met in person, fans were shocked by the picture Ariana Grande posted, confusing the actual image for an edit.

5. Jungkook modeling for Calvin Klein

Fans have long-awaited Jungkook’s collaboration with Calvin Klein

Fan edit
Fan edit

Even though they weren’t prepared for the thirst traps that the collaboration would actually bring.

| Calvin Klein
| Calvin Klein

6. Vampire Jungkook

One fan edit that fans could have never predicted would become a reality is “vampire Jungkook.”

Fan edit | @shxjkvs/Twitter

But in Jungkook’s “Me, Myself, and Jungkook” photofolio project, fans got to see the reality they never expected.

| @shxjkvs/Twitter

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